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Things that go swish between the toes

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Just reading one of the threads here, it reminded me of a story I just had to post...
I worked on a dairy farm one summer while in high school. One of my many jobs was to mark the heifers in heat with chalk, so the farmer would know which cow needed insemination. Well, one day..I'm feeding the beef cattle and I see a female cow mounting the others ( female cows do this when in heat). As I start walking over into the free-stall barn, I grabbed the chalk and walked through the many cows around me while not losing sight of my The manure inside of the barn was about 1 foot deep and the walk was slow going. I sloshed through, then my paces seemed to get faster. After proudly marking the mounting cow, I made my way out of the barn to phone the lower barn. Noticing that I could walk a bit faster on the way out, I looked down at my boots when exiting the barn. Low and behold..somehow, my boots slipped off of my feet and stayed stuck in the manure inside the here I was, walking through foot-deep manure with my shoes and socks - boy, did I get a I just had to share this one..he he!

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