Is it too late to sow Lunaria annua?

Leola, PA(Zone 6a)

Hi all,
I wanted Lunaria annua to flower next year. Is it too late to sow the seeds now? I'm in zone 6a, will it survives the winter if I plant it now? How fast is it growing from seeds?
Or can I get flower in the same year if I sow it early spring?

I will appreciate you answer!

Hobart, IN

Siichan - I've never had Lunarias bloom the same year they're sown. They are true biennials. If you sow now, they should be big enough to get through the winter and bloom next year, probably around April. I'd sow them in place if you can. I know some gardeners who don't bother starting biennials until later in the season because they won't bloom the same year anyway and they'd rather use their seed-sowing space for other things like annuals.

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