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seeds on sale/winter sowing

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I have noticed seeds marked down 50 - 75 - 90 percent. Do you all purchase seeds this time of the year and sow them in the winter, will the seeds be good. I am going to winter sow this year for the first time.

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

Regarding the viability of the seeds, it depends on what kind of seeds you are talking about. Some seeds stay viable for only 1 year, so these ones will have hardly chance to germinate. Other seeds stay viable for years. Unless it are really old packages, they should still be viable. If the prices of just a part of the seeds has gone down, I think the seeds are old. If the prices of all seeds went down, they might be still viable. But 90% down???, looks like they want to get rid of old ones.
Personally I trade most of the seeds I want to sow and I wait until people have fresh seed. In October most traders and sellers have cleaned most of their seeds. I trade (and sell) a lot of seeds. Every week I update my have list and my list on the Marketplace with the seeds I harvested, but other people do it just once a month. Here in Belgium winter sowing is seldom done, because very few people ever heard of it. So when I buy seeds here now, I will have seeds of last year, new seeds can be bought here earliest February.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Maybe the 90% off like you said are only good for 1 year, I looked at the packed date and it says packed for or good for something along those lines and had Nov 2009. There were all kinds of varieties so I don't remember.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

On the other hand, a lot of seeds stay viable for years. I have sown some 4 or 5 years old and had pretty good germination.


Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Well I was thinking, for the cost of a bottle of pop (soda depending where you are from) I could get a lot of seeds, not talking about any money at all, in the scheme of things.

Think I will purchase them.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Soda here... I opt for buying them. I feel certain they will sprout adequately and you will feel affluent enough to purchase some different ones to try as well. What all did you buy?

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Happy Garden, I'm in St. Joseph just north of you and plan to also winter sow for the first time. My concern is that it'll work for everyone else but me, LOL. I have been buying tons of seeds cause by February/March I'll be soooo ready for some greenery. Where about in KC do you live? Cynthia

Thumbnail by hanseycollie
Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Cynthia ~ you will post next spring that you have way tooooo many plants and nowhere to plant them! LOL We guarantee that it will work for you.

Handsome Collie you have there. We have toured your fine city and love the historical aspect of St Josephs. Neat place.

...and the real Podster.

Thumbnail by podster
Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Funny - you know how you always feel it'll work for EVERYONE else and not for you? LOL! Pod is gorgeous - shepherd? Han (thus, Hanseycollie) is where my name came from too.

St. Joseph is a nice little city though we are originally from Minnesota and hope to retire there some day. In the meantime, we do have six months here to garden, so that's a real blessing. I grew up in Houston with family in East Texas. Where abouts are you in "Deep" East Texas? My ex's husband was from Henderson, TX.

Thumbnail by hanseycollie
Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Ackkk!!! We both grew up in Minnesota ~ but there is no way I intend to winter there ever again! LOL We are about 60+ miles east of Lufkin near Toledo Bend here ~ closer to Louisiana than Henderson.

Pod was a dumped dog so we don't really know but appears to be a cross between a Shepherd and a stock dog of some flavor. He has a stubby tail and a muscled hindquarters and loves to herd me and our Lab when we walk. He is also a watcher, wish I knew how to work him. He is high energy and I think would do well at field trials. Meanwhile he is my bud. 8 )

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, happ,

I buy lots of seed on sale at the end of the season too. They all seem to work OK for my needs but I'm not really buying rare seeds that are a challenge to germinate over a year or two and require a huge investment of time and love. Then I would make sure I had only the best. And I don't buy packets that are damaged or look like they have been displayed in a sunny window, etc. I bought loads of Renee's Seed from the Smith & Hawkins going out of business sale. And I bought lots of Botanical Interest Seeds from the Ace Hardware store closeout. I think these should be just fine. I do recall something about pumpkin seeds needing to be fresh...can anyone confirm that?

And as many others do here on DG, I buy many nice seeds from Value Seeds. VS is the Outlet for Thompson & Morgan and they are available year round at discounted prices and are very cheap:

JonnaSudenius, I have checked out your listings on the Marketplace and notice you offer quite a wide range of interesting seeds. Do you send seeds to customers back to the States, or do you find customers mostly in Europe, etc.? (I'm just wondering about who the customers are on Marketplace~~i.e., if people from all over the world look at the site.)

If seed savers do save seed from year to year, I understand that if you have extra freezer or refrigerator space, it's a good place to store them (keeping them dry, of course). I am not sure what others think about this practice~~~I know that a refrigerator is a good place to store seed, but a freezer seems pretty cold... Any thoughts out there?

p.s., my sister in law and her husband retired to a 50 acre farm in Iron, Minnesota and they love it!?! They go to Duluth for winter vacation! Oh, my!

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

You'd have to go to Duluth and the north shore to understand. You also have to love being cold as it can go from 70 above in August to 70 below in February, and it averages about 78 inches of snow per year. We love cool weather and hopefully, arthritis willing, we plan to be there some day... from my fingers to God's ears. :^)

Thanks also for the suggestion of valueseeds - I didn't know about that site. Echinaceamaniac, one of my American Gardening Heroes, keeps his seeds in the fridge in a ziplock bag, so that's what I did with mine. If it works for him, that's all I need to know, LOL.

Podster, have you taken Pod through obedience training? I took Han and we did agility training - he's also a herder by nature but being 100 pounds and clumsy, he wasn't really too agile. However, when he ran up the ramp and then down, (he was scared) and after he about jumped with joy! It was darling to see a big ol' clumsy dog happy like a pup. Here's my DH, Eric, running him up the ramp. Cynthia

Thumbnail by hanseycollie
Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

No, no training other than what I've taught and he's been willing to learn. He was most attentive when he was an only dog and that was when I wished for the knowledge to do agility. When we got Stretch (the lab) Pod went into herd dog mode. I am fascinated to see the ramp. Are the white pipes under it used for another excercise? Do you still train with Han? That is very neat and I am sure it built his confidence.

Cynthia ~ I sincerely hope you do get your wish. I realize it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things. But I did cringe thinking of cold when you mentioned arthritis though.

One of my older sisters spent most of her adult life in Duluth. Nearing retirement with their kiddos grown & gone, they moved to Houston. She loved it... when I mentioned how she had regaled me with how fun winters were in MN she said that was when she didn't know any better. LOL In general MN is a beautiful state. Green and beautifully intense flower colors and pristine white snow.

It might not be bad in retirement when you DON'T have to crank the car or call a tow service to jump it... or dig out the snowdrifts the snowplow buried it under... or melt the ice under the tires as they were warm when parked and it froze to the ground... or heat the door key to thaw the lock so you can open it... or drive with no brakes as there was a bit of moisture in the brake line and it froze... or pay a tow and storage bill as you forgot to park on the north-south streets on even days or was it east-west streets on odd days. I think the "icing" on that cake was the ticket received for cranking the car to let it warm up... locking the door and going back in the house for a cuppa coffee. The ticket was for leaving a running car with the key in the blessed ignition. At least DH talked them out of towing. As a child it was fun ~~ as a retired adult, it might be fun again. Good luck!

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

At the moment I'm selling most of my seeds in the US, but I also sell to every other part of the world. Via the Marketplace I sold to the USA, United Kingdom, Brasil, Argentina, South Africa and several european countries.
I'm building a website:
It's still under construction, but if it's all done I think I can reach more countries. A lot of Americans are afraid to buy seeds in Europe.
I do not put my seeds in sale, because I have a rather low price: US$ 1,50.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

podster, did your life in Minnesota leave any psychic scars???! (-:

My sister-in-law and her DH (he'd have to be a DDDH for her to withstand those long winters in isolation with the guy!) owned the resort lodge in the Chain of Lakes NP along the canadian border for many years (20 miles down a dirt road). So moving to Iron was really going south for them.

My DH and I lived in WI for 3 years while he was in law school and that was enough of the 'beauty of an upper midwest winter' for me. We never even ventured up to the beautiful Lodge to visit the inlaws. After law school I made my DH look for a job in San Francisco and we spent the next 37 years or so on the west coast.

Re seed saving: I collected some Liatris Ligustylus seed pods (this is a prairie native plant that the Monarch Butterflies just LUV in the midwest and east) if anyone wants some. Just d-mail me with your name and address with "Liatris Ligulistylus" in the subject line. If you want perennial milk weed (A. incarnata) seed for the monarchs/butterflies I'll send some of that,too.

Happy gardening. t.

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

tabasco, I sent you D-mail

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Pyscho ??? You bet it made my Pyscho! LOL

I still go back for annual family vacations. It gets even with me every summer with the most horridly hot and humid weather for the short time I am there. Can't wait to return south to the land of a/c. 8 )

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Oh come on, it's lovely up north - cold and all. We plan to have AC whether it's 70 below or 70 above - I can't live being hot... you just gotta love cold.

Good thing God made us all differently cause I couldn't get out of Texas fast enough and most people love it. 23 years was plenty of time for me to be overheated ... LOL - wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same thing.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

hansey, you're right. It is good that people like different things. I'm sorry i got a little opinionated. I guess I have some scars, too... (-:

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Tabasco, no biggie - it's good we're all different cause if everyone was perfect like me, then we'd all be perfect, LOL. So you and your DH went to the west coast - San Francisco? I love that part of the country - really love Washington State too. I would say that Texas and Missouri so far have been my least favorite places to live (in order.. MN, OH, NJ, CA, NJ, GA, TX, MN, MO)

Do you still have seeds? If so, please dmail me and I'll send you a SASE. I plan to winter sow like crazy this winter! :^)

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Hi hanseycollie, I live north of KC in fact just a few minutes south from you in Plattsburg. I use KC cause no one would know where Plattsburg is and I work down here....LOL We are having the Midwest RU in Riverside at the park, you should come, it is in Oct. We are ordering pizza, lol so we can do nothing but talk and swap plants....or in a lot of cases just take plants home and seeds.

Well, it is nice to know I will have a wintersow newbie with we I won't feel so all alone. I am collecting seeds out of the garden but most of them I will give away at the ru cause I don't want to grow any more stuff I already have. I have been buying discounted seed packets and we will see what happens. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Not sure why I came back to MO except family I guess. Glad I did, cause I have the best DH and I met him here so I am glad I came back. I would like to live some place more tropical, but considering it would take semi's to move us (I mean multi) I guess that is not going to happen. I think to be really happy here if I get my greenhouse (someday soon) I could be very happy...... :D

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Happgarden, you are so close - not even a half hour away. What is the Midwest RU and when in October? It sounds like fun and with this being my first year gardening, I have so much to learn. My neighbor wants to learn to wintersow too, so we'll all be newbies.

I think my DH and I are the only two people who actually yearn to move to the north as we grow older ... I think Tabasco and Podster both think I'm nuts, LOL. Maybe so, but I love snow. I want to go ice fishing next winter in MN, that is a bucket list item. HOWEVER, the more I learn to garden, the more I don't want to be inside. Huh.

Anyway, let me know plese what Midwest RU is, okay? Thanks, Cynthia

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Ha ha. No, not really (about being nuts)...I know from living in WI that many many people really love the wintertime.

And do be sure to go to the RU, btw! They are fun and a chance to learn about so many plants and even bring home some for for your garden. I always go to the one near us.

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

What is an RU? I would love to go and learn more about plants, but don't know what it is. I'm hoping HappGarden will give me more info - I may just dmail as I'd surely hate to miss it. Cynthia

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

hansey, here's a Forum that is devoted to RU "Round Up" news and links:

And RU photos forum:

RUs are basically get togethers of DG members in various regions or cities. They usually do a lot of plant trading (and 'gifting') and share seeds and eat lots of food. And you don't have to have plants to trade, necessarily. (I usually don't) Just go for the visiting, and usually there are extra plants to take home if you want them.

Usually it's for an afternoon or day and it's a 'pot luck' at a park shelter, or maybe someone's home. DGers drive in from many miles around and most often 'significant others' or guests come along too.

If you check out the links above you will find pics of the various DGs.

Cynthia (N. Kansas C, MO(Zone 5b)

Hi Tabasco - we sure meet up on a lot of different threads it seems! I just put the seeds you sent in my fridge today - can't wait till spring (thanks again!!). I got a dmail from HappGarden, who lives about a half hour south of me, about the RU. It's happening here on the day we leave for vacation in Duluth, MN. I was so disappointed as I really wanted to go! Sounds like it'd be a lot of fun and I'm always excited about free plants or seeds. Next year I should have some plants I could share, at least I hope to!!! I'd love to put faces to some of the names as it's hard for me to remember who has what, who does what, who has lived where, who has which dog ... etc.... all the neat things you learn about different DG'ers without meeting them or seeing faces. Ya know what I mean? Cynthia PS this is my namesake, Han, the Collie

Thumbnail by hanseycollie

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