SOLVED: ID this aloe please

(Zone 6a)

So far I have 3 suggested names - A. brevifolia, A. eglerae, A. pratensis.
According to desert-tropicals, brevifolia should have white spots, sometime raised all over the plant. Mine does not have any spots, it is all the same bluish color with white "dust", like A. vera. But it is much more blue than
A. vera. Also, please notice that it grows in a fan shape, not the rosette - at least few first rows of leaves. The only other fan shaped aloe I found is A. plicatilis and A. brachyphylla, but they both has almost no thorns and
very rounded tips of the leaves. Mine has thorns on the edges and in the middle part of the back side of the leaves. Biggest leaf is about 3.5" tall and 1.25" wide.
Any ideas?

Thumbnail by AloeVera

I answered this over on the succulent forum, but I have an identical plant that I bought as Aloe claviflora.

Thousand Oaks, CA

I personally think this Aloe is too young to accurately identify, as many species look alike at this size... in another year (if in good weather) you will be much more certain as to its species.

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