pulley for hoisting heavy things to the 2nd floor deck

Silver Lake, OH(Zone 5b)

I ordered a pulley system that will manage only 500 lbs. This is for hoisting groceries, cases of bottled water, stuff I could never lug up 3 flights of steep stairs.

Thanks in advance for ideas on what to attach to put stuff into --- and how do I attach it securely? The deck above is 8x8's. The supports are iron and probably old, the building was built in 1895.

I will get pictures Friday and post but meanwhile, what ideas do you handy folks have?


Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

A 3/8" lag hook will hold 200+ pounds if screwed into the 8X8 beam. If you drill a 5/16 hole in the beam first it'll be easier to screw the hook in. Hang the pulley from the hook and hoist away. As to your carrier, maybe try to find a milk crate and fashion a rope from each corner to the center to attach the hoist rope to.

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