Staghorn fern in Eucalyptus?

Arua, Uganda(Zone 11)

I have a young staghorn fern that I want to mount in a tree. Unfortunatly our compound has only Eucalyptus of any size (these are widely planted here). The native trees are all quite small. Would the fern grow on Eucalyptus or would its resin kill the fern? Alternatively could I think about planting it on a half grown tree? What about the microclimate? I have it on a lump of wood under the shade right now, I thought it is good to get the fern going in its final place when it is still small.


Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Don't think the Eucalyptus oil would harm them, but if it is one of the Eucalyptus species which sheds its bark, the fern won't be able to stay on well. If it is one of the 'stringybark' Eucalyptus it should be OK.


Arua, Uganda(Zone 11)

Okay thanks. Looking at the trees some are rough barked and some seem stringy. So I would pick a rough one I guess. I also need to make sure that it has a good micro climate.

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