What uses might this have?

Raleigh, NC(Zone 8a)

Wasn't sure where else to post this, but thought other GH'rs might have some ideas/suggestions. I go through one of these bottles of coffee creamer a week (yes, I like a little coffee w/my creamer! LOL). Since I could easily save these for other uses, I thought I'd ask you all what you might use these for in your greenhouse that might be worth saving them. My first thought was to cut the top 1/3 off, drill a couple small holes for drainage at the bottom, and use it for starting seeds, but I'm sure there are other things they could be good for. It's about 12" tall. Any thoughts? Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to look at something and find it's alternative purpose.

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New Iberia, LA

I have cut up plastic bottles for making plant markers, but your bottles may not have enough flat surface to do this.

(Zone 7a)

Cut the bottom off and use them upside down to water the roots of plants in pots or in the ground.

Sapello, NM(Zone 5b)

I've cut the bottom off and used them for seedling protection when first setting them out. Lid on at night for warmth, off during the day to vent. Between seasons run a string through the openings and hang them out of the way.

The tops can be used as funnels.

Cut diagonally with the lid on, it'll make a small scoop for planting mix for the other 51 seedling pots. =0)

I just used a plastic soda bottle to make a duster for my diatomaceous earth... used a tiny nail heated up to burn holes in the lid. Works great. You could make a nice little sprinkler bottle the same way.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Use them to keep mosquito granules in, or slug granuals or fertilizer granuals in - makes it easy to broadcast the product.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 8a)

Great ideas, everyone!

KayJones: what are mosquito granules? I've never heard of this, but if it's something that repels mosquitos, I definitely want to learn more!

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Here you go - this stuff is WONDERFUL!


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