got dandelions? (serious stuff)

Campobello, SC(Zone 7a)

or weeds that look like them? Depending on which article you read and which you tend to believe, they are toxic to horses and can cause "Australian Stringhalt". I've never heard of it and very few people I've talked to have.

I've linked two articles below along with a video of what it looks like. Apparently, it hit the US several years ago and my area (Southeast US) at that time. My vet said they saw it then and now are seeing cases of it again. There is no treatment and it resolves on it's own, but it's not pretty and it's painful to watch.

Since I've never seen a dandelion or anything that looks like one on a toxic weed list, it's pretty shocking and upsetting to me and figured I'd better let as many people know as possible. Permission to share this with any of your horsey friends or other lists. If something good has to come out of this, maybe it's education. (oh, and this came on from the slightest little "something doesn't look right" to what you see in the video below in a matter of 3 days)



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