spider webs on my plants & hedges

Harvey, IL

how can I get rid of spiders without harming the plants and why are they so aggressive this year? I have never had this many. they practically cover the top of some of the bushes. can you suggest an eco friendly solution?

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

I get those a LOT. Most of them are just giant cobwebs, though...no actual spiders in them. Depending on what they're attached to, I either use the hose to knock them down, or a broom.

The real webs with actual spiders in them I take a stick and break it up and let the spider go elsewhere w/o hurting it. I only do this when they're in a place I have to walk through. Trouble is, the next day, they've rebuilt their web in the same exact spot !

West Palm Beach, FL

I've had a lot of spiders webbing in inconvenient spots lately. Mainly crab spiders, but a few scarier varieties I've kept my distance from. They eat mosquitoes, who would've in-turn been sucking on my leg, so I don't mind them too much. It's when I walk into them while walking the dogs in the morning that I don't particularly enjoy.

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