North Central Texas Fall Roundup Trade Thread.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Please come and join us at Randol Mill Park, Arlington Texas, Sunday October 4th 2009 at 12.00 noon.
Meet the members from our area, and all the many people from far away as well.
We look forward to meeting you and having a lot of fun.

Here is the link to the instructions, directions and attendance thread.

Now let us trade away, and hope to find the plants we are looking for.

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Here is what I have for trade. I have them in two categories, common and special.


Forsythia plants
Rootbeer plants
Javanese Glory Bower plants
Clerodendrum White Butterfly plants
Harlequin Glory Bower
Zebra Grass
Japanese Maiden Grass
Bananas Orinoco
Pink Garden Phlox
Violets large
Pink China
Big Dipper
Chicago Harlequin
common single Brugs
LA Iris;
Black Gamscock
NOID dark pink
Cannas tall 9', red leafed, small flower

Gingers Hedychium;
White Butterfly
NOID orange
NOID yellow
NOID unknown, does not get enough sun to bloom.

Gingers Curcuma
petiolata- hidden ginger


Brugs; doubles and rare singles.
Too many to name all, I'm just lazy and I don't know what will be ready to cut by then.


Tai Conch Pink
Dave Case
Dr Moy-limited


Panama Purple


pictus Red Stemmed

Wants; forgive me for not having a list of what plants I have but what I want is plants I do not have.

double Brugs
named Iris
named Daylilies
Japanese Maples
Dogwoods, prefer colored
Toad Lilies

Yes, I do want a lot but as anyone who has been to our home can tell you we have lots of rare and unusual plants and are usually pretty loose with them. The common stuff just does nothing for me. If you have something that I really want, I will trade double or triple to get it. If you have nothing on my want list but you can get it at a local nursery and want to spend the money I will really try to more than make it up to you. If you have nothing I want and can not afford to buy it, I will still try to give you something you will enjoy. Anyone who wants to come by our home is welcome at any time and I will send you home withsomething you will like. Thanks.


BajaBlue---------------- Brug.
Dogs_N-Petunias------ Brug. Gingers Garden Phlox
cocobid------------------Brugs Gingers EE
phyllisb59 ---------------pink Gingers Bananas EE
sylviatexas--------------LA Iris Black Gamecock, Pink, purple Canna, Gingers
pbtxlady-----------------Brugs, Gingers
dfwdennis--------------Ginger, Toad Liliy


Dogs-N-Petunias--------Lama poop
Sylviatexas--------------Named Iris
quilter-gal----------------Stevia, Heucheras

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, here is my list finally.

Texas Native Plants
3 Frostweed
2 Cowpen daisy
1 black Nightsade
2 Mexican plum trees, small

Non Native Plants
1 Dwarf Plumbago, deep blue
1 Trailing rosemary
1 Culinary Sage
1Jerusalem Sage
1 Artemisia Powis Castle
1 Pink Mexican Petunia
1 Mexican hydrangea
1 Rose of Sharon, white with red center
1 Tapioca tree
2 Salvia guaranitica

I am looking for these plants.
Coneflowers, from Carla
Yellow or red Columbine
Lyreleaf sage, from Sheila
Blackfoot daisy
Four Nerve Daisy
Native Milkweeds
Paw paw tree
Black-eyed Susan
Salvia coccinea, from Charlene
Parsley, from Kate
Roving sailor vine, Maurandella antirrhiniflora
Citrus trees, Orange or Lemon, for Giant swallowtails.
If you don't have what I am looking for, I will trade for a bag of Perlite, soil, compost, alfalfa meal or manure.
Promised to Charlene
2 Calla lilies
Elephant Garlic Bulbils
1 Texas Betony

Promised to Dennis
2 Passiflora incarnata
2 American germander

Promised to Kate
1 Fig tree, Texas everbearing, small
Elephant garlic bulbils.

Promised to Sheila
1 Smooth Sumac tree, in gallon pot
1 Mock Orange in gallon pot.

Promised to Anna
1 Texas Betony.

Promised to Glenna
1 Frostweed

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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Here are trades that I have, which are already potted up unless otherwise stated.

Lots of multiplying onions bare root

Yellow Lantana Newly rooted in 4" pots
2 lg. Mexican Petunias w/ purple flowers (shrub type). These can be invasive, but they are beautiful and I donít find them to be a problem for me. I just share the extras.

2 Mexican Petunias w/ purple flowers (low type) Not as invasive as the tall version
2 purple angelonias
4 red velvet cockscombs
2 phaison tropicanna canna lily plants bare root
2 alocasia cucullata plants
1 moss verbena (purple)

Will root fall tomatoes upon request Celebrity, Brandywine, tiny yellow pear and a few unknowns

2 Tx. Mist flowers
1 gaillardia
1 Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage

I have available, but not yet potted the following trees. Will dig and pot upon request.
Water Oak
Sweet gum
Easter Red Cedar
Willow (not the weeping ones)

Butterfly plants Buddelias (mine succumbed to the heat)
Gingers (any as I donít have any now)
Yellow velvet Cockscomb
Lady Margaret passiflora
Hydrangeas (all kinds)
Red TX star Hibiscus
Red Monarda
Raspberry Monarda
Dark Purple Monarda I have fistula and citradora already
Deep red/burgundy crepe myrtle
Peppermint crepe myrtle
TX bluebells (I have one and am wanting a bunch of them)
Red Lion Amarilyss (spelling?)
Sesbania punicea (rattlebox)
Cardinal flower
Multi color hibiscus
White tall Mexican petunias
red ruellia
Oleanders Deep Red, Peach, or any doubles, or any that are already large in peach, pink, or reds (I have a large area that I want to line with them, I have plenty of single white ones already)

Trades that are arranged:

1.From: Phyllis butterfly bush and blue sedum
For: bag of mushroom compost, purple angelonia, Sassafras tree

2.From: dogs_N_Petunias peppermint crepe myrtles
For: passion flower incarnata

3.From: Banana daylily either dbl love or ffo bar code
For: bag of mushroom compost

4.For: PlanoLinda red velvet cockscombs, fall tomatoes

5.From: Shelia Raspberry monarda and butterfly bush seeds and black and blue salvias
For: passion flower incarnata in hanging basket, monarda citradora in 1 gallon pot

6. Loonie1 Butterfly Bush

7.From: Sylviatexas
Climbing Cecile Brunner, the "Sweetheart Rose" ,Golden Rain tree,Comfrey,
Martha Gonzales in the pot,and tall pink Mex petunia
For: purple angelonias, unknown hardy hibiscus, moss verbena, fall tomatoes, monarda

8.From: Bajablue, Archduke, Tx bluebell plant and seeds also, and a bald cypress
For: mother of thousands, yellow brug, sedum

9.From: Quiltergal: Stevia & Hibiscus (blue flowers) & Blue sky vine & Cherry skullcap
For: brandywine, shade plants from Ken for my trades

10.From: Frostweed (Josephine) 2 calla lilies and garlic and Texas Betony
For: salvia coccinea and gaillardia

11. From: msgrubbyfungus (Kate) hostas
For: Onions

12. Pbtxlady (Patty) coleus cuttings for brug cuttings

13. Stephanietx cuttings of cape honeysuckle and passiflora incarnata
for: cigar plant and esparaza & coral nymph cuttings/seeds

14. DFWdennis lg coral honeysuckle for lg. Salvia coccinea

15.Texmel: dwarf petunias for dutchman's pipe vine

16.Newtonsthirdlaw: passion fl plant &bat fac cupea cuttings /sedum & walking cactus.

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Saving a spot for myself.

Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

This will be my
first rodeo (roundup LOL)

WANTS: I feel like a plant hog but will be very thankful fo anything! on the list or not ...


airplane plant


any rose




Basil - huge pillowy leaves

bignonia vine

Black and Blue Salvia

Brugs any except yellow would
specially love blackberry swirl

Buddeleia "Nanho Blue"

cactus spineless prickly pear


castor bean


chiles plants or fruits

cholla cactus

cigar plant


Culinary Sage

dutchman's pipe




Hibiscus - NOID, hardy, double blue ruffled flowers fade to lavender - rooted cuttings

hollyhocks, Peaches

Iris any except white or yellow

kalanchoe mother of K or M

Mexican bush sage

Mexican hydrangea

Mexican Petunia any

Mexican plum tree

mint any

Monarda any

Origanum marjorana

Oxblood Lily


Pimpinella anisu


rain lilies

Red Cedar

Rootbeer plant

Rose of Sharon


ruffled Ruby DL

Purple Sage



shasta daisies

any succulents

Swiss Chard


TX bluebells aka Lisianthus

turk's cap


any manure

any yard art


Archduke Charles rose cuttings

Bakd Cypress cuttungs

rosemary Tuscan Blue

fig cuttings I think it is TX brown turkey
although it makes a lot of fruit br
the time the mockingbirds get to
them there is not much left left

ficus benhamina cuttings

sansevieria cilindrica cittings

coral Thanksgiing cactus cuttings

Oleander fischia flowered cuttings

fresh 2009 seeds:

ChilePepper seeds : Firecracker (Very Hot)
Eschscholzia seeds: Mission Bells Mixed
Eschscholzia caespitosa seeds: Monarch Mixed
Salvia transylvanica seeds
Zinnia elegans seeds: Scabious Flowered Mixed
Lemon Cucumber seeds :
King Size Navy Sweet Pea seeds :
Papaver rhoeas seeds: Angels Choir Mixed
Echinacea purpurea seeds: Magnus
Zinnia seeds: elegans Desert Sun
Eschscholzia californica seeds: Summer Sorbet
Aster chinensis seeds: Starlight Mixed
Salvia argentea seeds: Artemis
Eschscholzia californica seeds: Fruit Crush
Rudbeckia x hirta seeds: Cherry Brandy
Sweet Pea seeds : Mutacana
Mirabilis jalapa seeds: Broken Colors
Papaver rhoeas seeds: Cedric Morris
Agastache foeniculum seeds: Golden Jubilee
Cuphea ignea seeds: Matchless
Okra seeds: Red Burgundy - 1 packet
Jacaranda mimosifolia seeds
Agastache neomexicana seeds: Lavender Haze
Agastache anisata seeds
Tomato seeds : Black Cherry
Banana seeds : Ensete glaucum (Snow Banana)
Tomato seeds : Sweet Olive Hybrid
Penstemon x hybrida seeds: Lilac Frost
Alcea filicifolia seeds: Antwerp Mixed
cifolia seeds: Antwerp Mixed
Radish seeds : Pink Slipper
Cuphea procumbens seeds: Purple Star
Agastache aurantiaca seeds: Fragrant Mixed
Pepper seeds : Chili/Hot : Tepin (Atomic)
Radish seeds : Pink Slipper
Cuphea procumbens seeds: Purple Star
Agastache aurantiaca seeds: Fragrant Mixed
Pepper seeds : Chili/Hot : Tepin (Atomic)
Verbena seeds: St George
Oenothera Lemon Sunset

Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Cherokee Purple
Chives Large Leaf Allium schoenoprasum
Cilantro Delfino Coriandrum sativum
Tithonia Goldfinger
Lisianthus Echo PL Light Blue
Nasturtium (Tropaoleum) Canary Bird Vine
Morning Glory (Ipomoea) Shiva White-Rose
Marigold-African Crackerjack Mix
Helianthus (Sunflower) Giant Sungold

Helianthus (Sunflower) Mammoth

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Hutchins, TX

> okay lets try this again! for some reason i couldn't edit my last post so I'm starting over.


blue sedum
6 purple butterfly bush 1 for Charlene,
mints>lemon,choco,spearmint 1 spearmint for Planolinda,Glenna
joseph coat
2 texas red bud
purple heart
vinca ground cover the one with the small blue flowers
chameleon ground cover
forsythia cuttings
quince cuttings
1 white mum
succulents called rose tree
bell peppers


pussy willow
sasafras tree
bald cypress tree
compost manures
banana tree
giant EE
anything that will take this hot sun


charlene-butterfly bush and blue sedum....................................getting: sasafrass tree,purple angolina,and mushroom compost
dogsnpetunis-butterfly bush and mint.........................................getting; llama manure
planolinda; mint
bajablue; mexican hydrangea,blue sedum,succulents and shasta daisy...................getting; 2 bald cypress trees
sheila; chameleon.........................................................................getting lizzard tail and bb seeds
dfwdennis; blue sedum and flame acanthus..............................getting; wood violets
msgrubbyfingers;garlic chives.....................................................getting; swiss chard

kenboy is giving EE and bannana tree
quiltergal is giving stevia and pink pampass grass
carla is giving butterfly bush
lonnie is giving butterfly bush cuttings

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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Phyliss, I would love to trade for your butterfly bush please. I will put your name on some compost and I'll dig you a sassafras tree.

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

dwarf virginia sweetspire
wood violets
carolina wolfberry
chile petins (actual chiles, not plants)
callisia fragrans
noid columbine (non-native variety)
turk's cap
aloe vera
very small Texas Mountain Laurel seedling

pitcher plant
flameleaf sumac
dutchman's pipe - Aristolochia fimbriata
Texas greeneyes
chocolate daisy
Golden groundsel

strawberry bush euonymus (frostweed)
dwarf virginia sweetspire (frostweed x2)
wood violets (stephanietx, phyllisb59)
woolly stemodia (phyllisb59)
chile petins + bush (bananna18)
woolly stemodia (bananna18)
ruellia (sylviatexas, txmel)
good sized coral honeysuckle (charlenesplants)
chile petin bush (pbtxlady)
podocarpus (kenboy)
ghost plant (phyllisb59)

passiflora incarnata (frostweed)
batface cuphea (bananna19)
blue sedum (phyllisb59)
agastache (pbtxlady)
Salvia coccinea (charlenesplants)
white crinum (sylviatexas)
toad lilies (kenboy)
gingers (kenboy)
flame acanthus (phyllisb59)
dwarf mystic spires (bananna19)

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Don't have much to offer this fall, but here's my list!

Haves (so far):
Katie's Pink Ruellia (low-growing, does spread but not too invasive)
Rock Rose (I have several volunteers)
Cigar/Firecracker Plant (6) (Trying to root these, but may not work)
Esperanza Tecoma Sans (trying to root!)
1-33 gal. bag of milk jugs (about 20 or so)

Lemon Balm
Catmint "Walker's Low" (I think that's the right name)

Fall aster
Texas Betony
Copper Canyon Daisy
Creeping Rosemary
LA Iris
Native Wood Violet (for shade)--Dennis
Woodland Phlox
Fragrant Phlox
Damianita daisy
Pasiflora incarnata
Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata)
Byzantine Gladiolus

?-Rock Rose (need to go back and check thread for name)
DNP-Mexican Hydrangea cutting

Blackfoot Daisy-Anna
Wood Violets-Dennis

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Cleburne, TX(Zone 8a)


Llama manure TRADING STOPPED 9-29-09- Crushed and quantity is 2-gallon bucket. NOTE: It does contain weed and/or grass seed.
Coffee grounds (used) - large quantity
Tea grounds (used)
Mexican petunia - low mounding type - purple - LOTS OF THESE

Misc. butterfly garden plants
Tecoma Stans Esperanza
Moss Verbena
Mexican Hydrangea
Garden Phlox
Hummingbird Plant (Uruguayan Firecracker Plant Dicliptera suberecta)
rock rose
Mexican bush sage S. leucantha
Turk's cap

Phyllisb59: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: butterfly bush
Bananna18: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: pink coneflower
Bananna18: coffee grounds IN TRADE FOR: black & blue salvia and argentine skies salvia
Stephanietx: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: Mexican hydrangea
Kenboy: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: Garden Phlox
Charlenesplants: peppermint crapemyrtle cutting or seed IN TRADE FOR: passion flower incarnata
quilter_gal: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: 3 kinds of butterfly bush
Sheila_FW: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: Rudbeckia and coneflower
Frostweed: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: Frostweed
Sylviatexas: llama manure IN TRADE FOR: Phlox, salvia & BF plants


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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

That is the way it works BajaBlue & Glenna.
Just post what you have to bring or trade; and if there is something you are looking for put it there. We do a lot of pre-RU trading on this thread. You can also trade birdhouses, steppingstones, compost, potting soil, yard art and etc. for plants. No one is required to accept items, but usually do. Some have more plants than they have room for. LOL!
I would suggest to the new beginners to make a spreadsheet or list of the plants where you can put names of those you promise them to and of those that you are getting. It is very confusing on the day if you don't have a list and labels on your plants.
We always have plants that aren't promised ahead and make loads of trades at the RU also. After trades are made those items we don't want to take back home are offered up to anyone interested in our "orphans". They are a great way to give new gardeners extra plants.

Hutchins, TX

Thanks Charlene.

Glenna, I would like some of your Llama manure.

Fort Worth, TX

Reserving Space.

Will have:
Ruellia (mixed colors)
Brug Cuttings, possibly rooted (roughly 40 different variety's) What ever is over grown I will start cutting.
Pregnant Onions (Ornithogalum longibracteatum)
Some alocasias have a wide variety
**Aquatic Plants for aquariums. You would need to PM me.

Edit 9/21
We have garlic chives that are blooming.

Would like hearty ginger, we have white. The interest me.

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Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

Charlene, I don't have a list ready yet but if there was a DL you saw that I have in your spring thread that you liked, LMK, If it is big enough will trade for mushroom compost
Dogs_N_Petunias,do you want to trade cone flower for llama manure?

Cleburne, TX(Zone 8a)

bananna18: Dogs_N_Petunias,do you want to trade cone flower for llama manure?

Cone flower would be great.

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Cleburne, TX(Zone 8a)

Phyllisb59: Glenna, I would like some of your Llama manure.

Trade llama manure for butterfly bush or spearmint okay?


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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Banana, I like your dbl love and the FFO Bar Code daylily pics. I will put you down for mushroom compost and you surprise me with either one of the daylilies.


Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

This is going great, I hope to have my list up soon.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Glenna, I can either bring you a cutting of Mexican Petunia or a rooted start (if I can get it to root). I'd be happy to do both just in case one doesn't work. I'd like to trade ya for some manure.

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

Dogs_N_Petunias, I have native and and smaller pinker version coneflowers...want both?
Charlene, I can surprise you

Hutchins, TX

Thanks Glenna!

Cleburne, TX(Zone 8a)

stephanietx: cutting of Mexican petunia

Did you mean Mexican hydrangea?

bananna18: Dogs_N_Petunias, I have native and and smaller pinker version coneflowers...want both?

Smaller pinker. Thanks.

And I think I better start a spreadsheet. This is amazing!!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

We usually use about three threads for trades they get so long and start pulling up slow. In other aint seen nothing yet. LOL!! So hang on it is a wild ride!!
We had about 60 people attend in April.

Plano, TX

i will be checking for names of my plants, potting them etc and so will try and list soon

cocobid--if you have any brug cuttings i would love to try some--i have tried 2 times and didn't work out for me--third times a charm right!? also i'd like to try the pregnant onion

charlene--would love a velvet cockscomb and since my tomato plants didn't produce (too hot? ) i would like to give fall ones a try

phyllis--ok-this is getting embarrassing--my mint died on me too-and who can't grow mint right?! don't know what i did wrong but can i give yours a try?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Glenna, yes, I'm so sorry about the confusion! I can bring the Mexican HYDRANGEA for you!

Hutchins, TX

planolina, you can have mint which one do you like?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Linda.... I Don't have a list as yet, but I have the Hillary's Lemon Mint I can bring you.
Charlene can I get a Monarda Citradora for a Rasberry Wine monarda? Oh, I also have dark pink Orleander seeds that I will give you. Don't know if they do well or not, haven't tried seeds.

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Plano, TX

thank you sheila--does lemon mint taste lemony?
phyllis--spearmint please

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Shelia, absolutely! I am so excited to be getting the rasberry monarda. I would love to try the seeds also.


Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

Qhat is Mexican hydrangea ?

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Here ya go, Baja!

Hutchins, TX

Baja if you want one of these I have them.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Is this plant you are referring to called Clerodendrum bungei?

Rancho Santa Rita, TX(Zone 8a)

Yks for the irl for mx hydangea,

Didnt know it is called that just knew
it as cashmere bouquet

Would love some Phylliss .
Thanks for offering!

Arlington, TX

Well I am overwhelmed by names of plants I have not grown. Live and learn. I suppose one day I might know some of these plants personally. I hope to have a few:
flame acanthus (more red variety)
small spineless prickly pear
M. petunia (and I mean petunia)
Cholla sp. (I think that is what they are)
All are under way and hopefully will be doing well by Oct.
Any books that might help me learn more of the plants I can grow here, both native and adapted?

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

I could bring Mexican Hydrangea and Mexican Petunia both but prefer to spray with Roundup. If I dig them up I may miss a small piece of root, which means I will I will have more to come up shortly. We have a very large yard with no grass but lots of plants and I have no place for either plant. They don't just spread, they take over, leaving little room for for the plants I love, Gingers, Brugs, Bananas, EE, etc....

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Lovely Ginger Ken, does it have a name?

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

'Aussie Plume'. Maggi picked it up at SFA Spring sale and she bloomed the first year. Some Gingers need to get well established before they bloom, Scarlet Fever being one of those. Then again, SF is worth growing just for it's foliage.


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