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broken goose leg

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

One of my spring goslings broke its leg today. I think my one of my goats caused the break by standing on the goose's foot.

There is no open wound, the leg is just flailing at the joint, looks disjointed.

Has anyone had any success mending/splinting a broken leg on (heavy) fowl?

I would like to try to save the goose, but I'm thinking it is going to be impossible.

Lodi, United States

If it is broken at the joint, I don't think you can save the leg. A lot of chickens do well with one leg--but I am not sure about a bird as heavy as a goose.

Maybe someone here has had an experience with this?

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

we can not save it :(

Lodi, United States

Who said?

Lodi, United States

If you google "goose broken leg" there are a lot of people discussing the situation.

This one probably doesn't apply--but it is cute:

Conroe, TX

I know of someone who had a duck with a broken leg at the joint right where the leg starts. They tried to splint it but the duck got out of it. They finally just let it alone and let happen what would happen. The duck is now walking. The leg healed up. There is hope.

Lodi, United States

This is what you find if you google:

People claim to see one-legged wild geese doing well.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Thanks everyone,

The leg was shattered in the thigh, you could feel grinding and splintering when moving the leg with your hand. I thought it was around the joint area, but wasn't. My husband moved the leg to see what could be done to help it, you could feel the shattered area. It was obvious that it was splintered. The goose also was showing hard signs of stress (not drinking or interested in its food) . It kept its head low.

I put the goose in a sling part of the day yesterday to help it. It wasn't as tame as my other geese and what little strength it had was pulled down quickly, I then took it out of the sling and put it on a bedding of fresh hay.

Years ago I saved a chicken with a broken leg by using a sling and it worked. By the end of the evening yesterday, I could tell the situation was going downhill. I was saddened because I enjoy my geese and it has been a long time since I lost one of them.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

So sorry to hear about your goose, justmelisa. :-(

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

I'm so sorry about your goose. It is true that with a break such as that there is little that you can do. That is not always true. I have splinted andy duck and goose legs. My favorite splint is actually made for fingers. It is soft metal and padded with foam. I can easily bend and reshape it as I need it. It even has little tabs that can be bent around the leg. I added velcro straps and then wrap the whole thing with vet wrap to stabalise it. I can easily take it off to check it or re do it as needed.

I've also used padded popcicle sticks and medical tape, but it is not as easy as the metal splint. (I even used this on a fawns ankle this spring)

The key to having an animals limb set successfully is age. The younger they are the better and faster it will heal.

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