We need a Fuchsia Forum!

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

I sent the following message to the administrators, and they suggested I post my idea in the DISCUSSION FORUM and see what kind of response my request will generate from other members:

Can you add a Fuchsia Forum for your members. There are hundreds of varities and I am sure a lot of Fuchsia growers out there would like a Fuchsia Forum to discuss all aspects of gardening with Fuchsias. I know I have Fuchsia questions I hope other members can answer. The Fuchsia genre is so large and popular, books have been written about this plant, websites are solely devoted to this plant. I hope Dave's Garden will add a Fuchsia Forum. Thank you.

Since the administrators monitor the Discussion Forum, if you want a Fuchsia Forum added to the mix, YOU NEED TO VISIT THE DISCUSSION FORUM, CLICK ON MY THREAD, AND STATED YOUR PREFERENCE!

I am a Fuchsia Gardener in the Midwest (annuals) and I hope there are others who believe we need a Fuchsia Forum!

This is the Discussion Forum you need to go to, to respond:

This is a direct link to the thread:

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