Intersting Seed Sprouting Method: EGGS!

Geneva, FL(Zone 9b)

Haven't posted much due to time constraints-- but I do still read the posts-----thought however that someone here might benefit from this:

One of my local, regular customers named Sharon H. told me her trick to germinating seeds this morning. She buys lots of seeds and germinates them to give to friends and various childrenís organizations as gifts.

Whenever you cook eggs---when you go to break them out, tap off only one end of the shell to leave a quarter (25 cent piece) sized opening and empty out the egg and yolk. Using a very sharp ice pick, make a hole in the bottom of the shell (for drainage). Fill the shell with cactus potting mix and plant a seed right into the soil at the top of the egg opening. Place damp sphagnum moss into the Styrofoam egg crate and press it inónot too tightly so you can still place the eggs with their seeds back in on top of the moss. Water each egg and only water again when it looks dry. You can save your empty shells for a few days before planting them if you want to do several seeds at once.

She said the seeds germinate like crazy and grow rapidly. I would guess the moisture given off from the moss below helps keep the top from needing any misting. (You should also make sure the moss is kept moist). Oh--I almost forgot, when the seed is big enough for a pot--GENTLY crush the shell with your hand--or chip it away in a few places and plant the egg shell with its plant in a pot--the egg shell is recycled into the soil as the roots grow through it.

Just thought I would pass this on as I have never heard of this before, and, you canít argue with success. Here's a website I found after the fact that verifies you can start other seeds as such:


Mulberry, FL

Sounds neat kids would really get a kick out of this. And you could save a few bucks on peat pods.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

Thta does sound cool. I might try this.

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