Mamoncillo (Melicoccus bijugatus)

Miami Beach, FL(Zone 10b)

The mamoncillo (Melicoccus bijugatus), also known as mamón (although the word is considered obscene in some Spanish speaking countries), ackee (in St. Lucia, Barbados), chenet (in Trinidad and Tobago), guaya, gnep, ginep, skinnip (in Jamaica, St. Kitts) genip, guinep, ginnip, kenčp (in Guyana, Haiti, Belize, Bahamas) quenepa (in Puerto Rico), genepa, xenepa and Spanish lime, limoncillo (in the Dominican Republic), is a fruit-bearing tree in the soapberry family Sapindaceae, native or naturalised over a wide area of the American tropics including Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Suriname and the Caribbean. It is a large tree growing up to 30 m high. The leaves are alternate, 8–5 cm long, pinnate with 4 or 6 opposite leaflets (no terminal leaflet), each leaflet 5–10 cm long.

It is grown and cultivated for its ovoid, green fruit, which grow in bunches. The fruit ripen during the summer. The fruit, similar to that of the related lychee, is classified as a drupe. A mamoncillo fruit has a tight and thin but rigid layer of skin, traditionally cracked by the teeth. Inside the skin is the tart, tangy, cream pulp of the fruit, which is sucked by putting the whole fruit inside the mouth (the seed takes most of the volume of what is inside the skin). Despite the light color of the fruit's flesh, the juice stains a dark brown color, and was often used by indigenous Arawak natives to dye cloth
Kingdom: Plantae

(unranked): Angiosperms

(unranked): Eudicots

(unranked): Rosids

Order: Sapindales

Family: Sapindaceae

Genus: Melicoccus

Species: M. bijugatus

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Brandon, FL(Zone 9b)

Love neighbor introduced them to me (she's from Guyana). Wish I could grow the tree but it's too big for my yard or pot culture. Have to stick to just getting them from the Guyanese grocer here.

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

They're ripe here now, August. I like them, but they must be really ripe.

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