tips on temporary shade or canopy for worksight?

Wallingford, PA

any ideas for a cheap way to shade a worksite in the heat of the day? I'm installing a patio and fireplace in full sun location in my yard. I think if I could put up a shade I might be able to get more work hours out of the day. I dont want to spend a fortune as it is only temporary.

Missouri City, TX

I used some u-posts, attached cedar 2x4's, then stretched shade cloth from Home Depot to give our dogs some extra shade. Not very expensive, and everything is reusable later.

I had the shade cloth from a pvc frame I made for the garden. Drove 1/2" rebar a foot in the ground, then cut 1/2" ID pvc to 6' lengths. I used 3-way elbows and x connectors to support it. No glue, so I could dissasemble. Required some clotheline / nylon rope to keep it together, but no guy lines.

Another quick solution would be a 10x10 canopy, but it requires guy lines to keep the poles up.

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