Question about hollyhock seeds

Milan, OH

I was wondering when to put the hollyhock seeds in the ground can I do it this fall or should I wait tell next spring also how? I tried to winter sow some about 2 years ago with no luck at all winter sowing is not for me. I sure hope someone can answer this question.

Thanks Breeze1947

Greenwich, OH

You can sow hollyhock seeds in late fall or early spring.
I have sowed hollyhock seeds in late september.
You will see germination next year.

Milwaukee, WI

Yes it true Hollyhocks can be sown as listed. However remember if you want the plants to bloom next season you must sow this year. Don't be scared win some lose some just try again and this time--remember to mulch. I found home compost material works great, just before it begins to show signs of frost I slowly begin to cover with the compost. After the frost first date begins I add a little more on top of the several already layers and finally when it is cold, cold the straw--ground is frozen almost to the touch. It is a matter or try try try--your green thumb should kick in--give it a try--plant now--fast-fall is approaching!

P.S. remember Hollyhock seed is not always true from last year plants--the hybrid are just that hybrid and can only be true if the plant is divided!

Good Luck--


Hollyhocks will self sow if you do nothing. As soon as the seed hits the ground germination begins. The new small plants will usually not be far from the parent plant. They will be large enough to move by fall if you need to move them. These are the ones that are sure to bloom the following summer.

Birds will eat the seed therefore they get moved about and found at the base of the common bird perching shrubs. I have always thought Chip and Dale move them around also but have no proof of that opinion.

Milwaukee, WI

It is true seeds disappear--the chipmunk-definately, the field mouse-definately; the worm-definately; the birds-definately, the neighbors-definately, and the list goes on and on. All hollyhocks will self sow however the newer Hybrid will not sew true--they will and cannot look just like the parent. There are so many different varieties on the market-and the word Hybrid has stopped the hollyhock Hybrid varieties from self sowing looking just as the parent--hence divdie the plants if this is the case


Thanks for catching my ommision......division is the only way to increase hybrids. I never cared that much thus I forgot about division.

Milwaukee, WI

Hey who can keep track--thank God for the computer era--still have so much to catch up on years of notes--I too still need to stop and think and think and think!

Happy Gardening,

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Hay, Thanks For info . on hollyhocks I have tryed several times sowing hollyhocks and never had any luck. I think I was sowing at the wrong time Thanks

Milan, OH


Thanks for the information I will try and get seeds going this fall you all said the last of Sept.. I sure hope they take off for me.



When we observe what nature does without our help we discover the best time to plant anything not just hollyhocs. The best time is when they fall naturally from the plant. By delaying planting we take away from the benefits of getting a good start and nice growth into fall.

Milwaukee, WI

Well spoken--could not agree more!

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