Help my Buds are falling off :(

Shepherdsville, KY

I have a 2 foot Rosalla brug that had 5 tiny buds on it. When they get about half an inch they fall off. I thought it was the sun so I moved it to a little shade. There still falling off. The roots are starting to come out of the pot so I dug a hole & put the pot in it. I use MG Bloom every 4 days. She is in afternoon sun with some shade. What should I do?

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Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

I'm thinking you meant brugmansia and not burg? Also, you need to back up a bit .. notice what is in focus in the picture you posted .. a good way to get closeups on plants if your camera doesn't have a macro function is the back up and use the zoom. Even if it does have a macro function, back up and set the camera to its highest pixel setting. Here is a link for more information about focusing.

Bunches of things can cause bud drop in plants. Too hot, too cold, too much water, not enough water .. insects on the plants too much food, too much sun, not enough sun .. I'm thinking its probably the miracle grow bloom booster. Plants drop buds when they are stressed because producing a flower take a lot of energy out of the plant. When I get bud drop on my brugs it's usually because of spidermites or the humidity is too low. How big is the pot?

For now, stop feeding with the bloom booster and switch to regular mg fertilizer and only feed once a week. For now, do not feed the plant again for at least 2 weeks and keep the soil moist but not soaking wet. Also, a clearer picture would help.


Shepherdsville, KY

It started before I used the bloom booster. I have used the bloom booster 2 times so far. So should I stop feeding with it?

She is in a gal pot. Should I transplant her?
Should I move her to AM sun & PM shade?
This is my 1st time & I don't know what to do.
No bugs on her... I do water 2 times a day.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Brugs like morning sun and afternoon shade .. it's probably too late to put it in the ground for your zone. Is it actively growing? Probably wouldn't hurt to pot it up in a larger pot and stick the pot if it's black behind something to shade it when it does get sun. Some plants just don't like hot roots. Definitely quit feeding it and accept the fact that you probably aren't going to have flowers this year. If it's a young plant or a new cutting, you really don't want it to flower .. as I said, takes a lot of energy to grow a flower. Just let it grow big and strong this year. This has been a weird summer for a lot of my plants. I don't have any brugs in pots all in the ground and tho they haven't had bud drop, they are flowering irregularly. Too much heat and humidity .. I've got seeds germinating in seed pods!

I was going to suggest you post this in the brug forum but I see you already have.

Forgot to add that brugs prefer being dry to having soaking wet feet.


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Shepherdsville, KY

Thank you so much for your help. She came from CALIFORNIA & I have had her for a month now.
She is growing & each day for the last week she has had a tiny bud. She has 3 now.
I will put her in a bigger pot & move her to AM sun.

Shepherdsville, KY


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