Winter Sowers in Mid-South region

Jacksonville, AR

If you have winter sown, how did it go for you? What worked, what didnt? I tried it this year and didnt have real good luck. Plan on trying again.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

It worked great...

Best for me are Echinaceas, Hollyhocks, Rudbeckias, Asclepias and on and on. LOL.

I put a 1 inch layer of Jiffy seed starting mix on top of the potting soil in my containers. This has really increased my success with these seeds. The potting soils tend to stay too wet.

Jacksonville, AR

I think I caused my own problems. Planted in January. Didnt put enough drainage holes in the jugs, that sorta of thing. Moved them on my carport when it started getting warm, was afraid they would cook. That probably kept them from germinating. Thanks for the Jiffy Seed information.


Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

First year for me and I did vegetables and herbs. I had good luck and great fun. I will do so again.

In this zone, I started them in Feb which I felt was late but worked out fine. When we had a few frosty nights (after I had good seedling growth) I had to move them in for protection as I lost a few plants to frostbite in the jugs.

I felt the gallon size milk containers worked better than the smaller 1/2 gallon juice type jugs.

As for getting too warm, I placed the jugs in bright light, not direct sunlight as I also worried about them frying. Bright light worked out fine...

pod ~ who is still eating from winter sowed 'maters.

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