Crooked spears

Hampstead, NC(Zone 8a)

I have been staking up my flowers but apparently not enough. What causes the crooked spears, other than lack of staking? Some of them look rather unique in flower arrangements. But I assume they aren't supposed to turn at the end?

Thumbnail by belledonna
Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

not planting the bulbs deep enough may cause that. I don't lift my bulbs in zone9 so mine settle downwards and the following years no crooked stems. If you lift them, then you'll have to make a note of planting deeper next season.

Colville, WA

The primary reason for stems crooking is high temperatures during the day the rate of transpirattion is greater that the ability for the roots to take up enough water. The result is the new tender spikes wilt or tip during the day. then when the night cools and the spike becomes rigid it begins upward grwwth. The result is a "designer" glad.

It's possible that our friend in Texas by planting deep has the corms in a moisture layer of soil and his spikes do not droop.

The depth to plant can vary with your soil conditons

Good Growing,

Oak Lawn, IL(Zone 5a)

belledonna, that's a beautiful arrangement -- great colors -- and I love your wallpaper!

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