Your garden

Zirconia, NC

Your garden is just beautiful beginning with your front entry garden, it draws you in to view the rest. Your home is lovely and whether or not it is really an older home, it gives that kind of been there forever feeling. I also liked that you named your home. We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina and have named our home Muir Cottage. Continued success with your future gardening plans. It was a treat peeking into your world.

Mantua, OH(Zone 5b)

ThistleGairden, thank you for your lovely comments. The house was built in 1836 by Webster Wayne. Although a lot of changes have been made to it over the years, it still retains the old house character. My road is named after Webster, so I wanted to honor his wife, Lucy Merryfield, who no doubt loved the house too--thus, Merryfield Cottage. I have 4.6 acres and love every inch of them. I have plans for a patio (in the works), a pond and an expanded perennial garden. Watch for more photos.

NC has always been one of my favorite states, esp. Western NC with its mountains. Thank you again.

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