please help I am a major poppy failure

Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

Every poppy I tried from seed this season failed miserably. I can grow roses and clematis but poppies are getting the best of me. Even my tomatoes escaped the blight in NY. What is wrong with me? Will winter sewing work?

Even the poppies I got to grow from seed then planted out died. I really want poppies HELP!

Melbourne, FL

I have a similar problem.....I LOVE Poppies, but they do not grow well here. I got a few to grow over the winter, but they did not last long.

Columbia Station, OH(Zone 5a) 08 I planted my poppies in June and the weather was hot at times not one poppy. Then someone told me poppies needed to go thru a cold spell to germinate and that she planted (surface sowed) them in Nov. (She is a Northener also)
Well I was sick in Nov. and Dec so finally got all bundled up in Jan. as they were forcasting a snow and I'd heard or read that that really gets them a boost. I want out and tried to scatter them in the center of the .bed...the wind was horifficand I didn't want to get pneumonia for the 3rd I poured them in my hand and let the wind blow. ..
they went to one side of the plot...pic enclosed...but come bloom time almost 1/3 of the plot was covered with poppies. A neighbor came over and asked me what I was doing...looked like an opium patch.
So...anyhow..that's how I finally got some poppies.
On this poppy forum...go down the list till you come to a thread """ planting questions.""" .by gammy. .. a few New Yorkers responded there and you could probably D mail them for their input....Good luck! Helen

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Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

So far winter sewing seems to be the way to go. I think I will try that but will they grow on mulched beds?

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

If your talking about Oriental poppies ( perennials) they are hard for me to grow. Last spring I had some nice seedlings going but by June all were dead.
I have the best luck direct sowing annual poppies (somnifariums)
I have given up on OP's except for buying the plants.

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