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cheap and nice meat grinder?


Our family's going to move at the end of the year. i would like to buy a new meat grinder because the last one was broken down and i don't want to carry a unwieldy stuff with me to another province. so that i need recommedations of some new, cheap, nice meat mixer that under $500, used in a family of 3. Stainless steel construction will be okey. Plz tell me where can i buy one and the price.
Thanks for advance.


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Southern NJ, United States(Zone 7a)

Isabella, I don't know whether this could be shipped to China, but I did a lot of research on grinders and found this one, which got excellent reviews every place I found it mentioned.

The site is for dog owners who feed a raw diet, I think, but because of that the grinder that they feature is very solid and deals well with soft bones and tough meat. We use it mostly to grind deer meat to make patties or sausage and it works beautifully.

The person who runs the site was very helpful about answering questions when I emailed her.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

It seams you just need a small grinder as you said you are a family of 3. i have ever bought a small size ginder from a website which provide pretty fast delivery. This company has a filiale in China, maybe the shipping would be cut down.
Hope this can help.


Both of your suggestions help me a lot! Very good prices! Thanks very much. I will think and choose one of them.

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