Sudden Die Off

San Leandro, CA

It is just tragic. My friends hive is dying at an alarming rate. Just this morning a few, but now they are dying by the hundreds. They seem very disoriented and some are flying into the window of the house.

Does anyone know what could cause this? Would some insecticide do this? Is there a way to have the bees tested so we can try and avoid this at a later date?

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you.

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Forestville, NY

I could be a nerve gas type pesticide like the ones use to spray the grapes but it could be a number of things. The only way to be sure is contact your local inspector and have him/her look at the hive. The inspector can have them test at a lab if not tell you how and where to send them for independent testing. As far as tell you what’s wrong there is not enough info given in your post. Please I strongly recommend you contact your local inspector because if they are sick and left uncheck it can spread from one hive to another.

San Leandro, CA

Thank you JsHoney for you good advice, I will let my friend know.:-)

Forestville, NY

Glad I could help. Please post what you hear.

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