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growing carrots, onions and beets and potatoes in Smart Pot

Crestview, FL

I bought some #10 and #15 smart pots for growing onions, potatoes, carrots and beets in. I am a new gardener, fairly new anyways. I was wondering if anyone has grown any of these veggies in smart pots and has some tips for me? Also; instead of thinning, can't I just plant like two seeds and pluck out the weak one when it comes to carrots?

Saint Paul, MN

I've used smart pots for container vegetable gardening and I like them. However when you grow something that trails over the edge the pot edge will deform and it makes it more difficult to water. It is also difficult to cage tomatoes in them unless you cage the entire pot.

I only grew carrots once in them and although they looked fine I was not impressed with the flavor as compared to the carrots I had in the ground. I wondered if the fact that they were subject to warmer temperatures in the pot vs the ground had an affect on the flavor. I don't know. I thinned my crop a couple of times as they grew bigger and ate them as tiny carrots. Onions do fine. Potatoes do fine.

I've also grown bush squash, cabbage, and cucumbers in them that did well.

Crestview, FL

Hmmm, thanks glad you told me that about the tomatoes, as I had thought about planting some toms in them this February, will have to make sure if I do that that I have a cage that will fit over the whole thing. I tried carrots in a HEB this past season, was the wrong season to plant them of course and they were so tiny, I think I should have thinned them also. That is why I was thinking putting two seeds every inch - 2 inches so I wouldn't have to thin them.

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