When is it Enough? Topic Discussion...

Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)


Check not the last post, but the second to last. I'm "Jennifer" in the comments , btw.

Whole entry makes me wonder.... Is it ever "okay" to ride an "off" horse? When are they too "off" or "lame" that you'd quit?

I see the slightest sign of off, I dismount... free lunge, watch him go. Any sign of something wrong, I'm doing leg-checks, hosing down, liniment, try again tomorrow. Ain't no ride/competition/show/test/event worth riding a sore horse.... They're too darn forgiving to risk it.

Your opinion?

Richmond, TX

It seems unwise to make any significant change in hoof care right before a taxing ride. I would have been reluctant to take one of mine hunting when it didn't feel right. Fortunately no real harm was done apparently. I also find it hard to believe that a little rasping on a shoe could really change the break-over point enough to make the difference she describes.

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