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Help! Chipmunks eating my hosta roots

Dacula, GA(Zone 7b)

I went out today to weed my biggest hosta bed. I pulled on a dead spike of Sea Fire and the whole plant came out in my hand. After checking around, I found a chipmunk tunnel that started about a foot from the plant base. Another hosta and a heuchera are also toast. I may be able to save a small part of Sea Fire, but it looks like Blue Wedgewood is too far gone. And I just got it from the spring swap. I am so angry at those little buggers. I set out a hav-a-hart trap, but who knows if they'll fall for it. There are other tunnels in the bed, but so far the hosta they are near are still rooted. I put some hardware cloth on the ground around them, but I don't have enough for the whole bed. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Thanks. Becky

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

I have lost a couple of mine I just got off the hosta auction too and am very upset as well. Doubt I can put hardware cloth around mine either, when there are just too many. My cat usually gets the voles, but guess she can't get them all. Wonder if moth balls do anything.

Greenville, IN(Zone 6a)

I was told by someone can't remember who that if you plant daphs around your hosta the rodents will leave them alone, I have several daphs where I find chipmunk tunnels all over this hill by my house where I planted So Sweet and Cascades and haven't had any problem with them I also have some of those old large hostas there that grow like gang busters and put new babies out all of the time here pretty soon I'm getting ready to place my SS and C in another area I'm curious to see if any of the roots have been damaged it may be fall before I do this though.

A good friend on here is who gave me the daph bulbs but I'm not sure if she is the one that told me about the daphs and chipmunks.

Spooner, WI

Possibly planting them in dug-in large pots would do the trick? Or the "spin-out" bags (never used them, but have heard a lot of good stuff about them). The chipmunks get enough in seeds & nuts & other stuff here, so they have left my hostas alone so far.

(Zone 5a)

You most likely have voles. You can set mouse/rat traps to trap them.

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