Wild Texas Olives

Arroyo City, TX(Zone 9b)

Here's the deal. I have wild Texas Olives. One long ago planted and two volunteers. Well they have given up their seeds and I know you aren't to gather seed until they are very ripe after they pop and drop...well they are at that point I have discovered but, my question is...as these are olive -though not edible- do I remove the gooey outsides or let it dry on them when saving them? I have no clue...where my volunteers are I would say they made it there by bird or other and animal but, I don't know if the seeds were stripped first or not...I know I don't get a bunch of sprouts around the base of the trees though hundreds of seeds fall but, you do come across them in the wild here...soooooo...any educated guesses?

Thanks in advance...Hugs,


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