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What do annual dahlia seeds look like? Photo?

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

I saved my deadheaded flowers. I pulled them apart and have these yellow things. I am not sure these are seeds. Has anyone grown dahlias that were annuals?

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

Here is a picture of my annual Red Skin Dahlia seeds I planted.

Will that help.

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Thanks for the link to your picture. I don't have anything dark like that in what I got from my deadheaded flowers. I mostly have light to golden yellow flakes! Shouldn't I have seeds similar to yours?

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

I would think so, maybe let them mature on the plant longer.
Are yours the same shape/size ?

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Mine are smaller and not the same shape as yours. Tell you the truth I don't remember what happened to those plants because I don't have them now. Maybe I killed them when I was trying to spray the weeds with Round Up. So I don't remember how long they were on the plant. Maybe the plant just died and I picked off the dead blossoms that were there.

You have me convinced. What I have never became seeds!

By the way, do you save lilly seeds?

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

I mostly have light to golden yellow flakes!
That does sound like dead blooms.
If you grow your own plants from seed,Seed Dahlia's are not that hard to grow. I treat them as annuals as I hate digging and storing bulbs in the fall.

I don't save lily seeds, I usually deadhead them, letting all the energy go back into the plant/bulb. I do that with daylilies as well as lilybulbs.

Beaver Falls, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks ladygardner1 for your picture. I just brought in a dried bloom from my Harlequin dahlias and was not sure what was the seed and what was chaff. Your picture helped me a lot.

I was curious as to what is meant by "annual" dahlias. In our zone, all dahlias are annuals if left in the ground, aren't they? Very seldom do the tubers make it through winter here if left in the ground. I have had dahlias re-emerge in the spring just twice that I can remember. Now I dig my tubers, clean them off, dry them, and store them in a crawl space under the house by laying them in a single layer on an old towel. The first owners of our house added on a bedroom and they did so by putting it over a crawl space. The rest of the home has a basement. The unheated crawl space has been very helpful in letting me over-winter my amaryllis and dahlias. I've had a lot of success this way.


Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

Linda, you are welcome, glad the picture was some help to you. We need more seed and seedling pictures in Plant Files. They may not be the prettiest pictures but good information to have.

I think annual refers more to the handling of the plant then to the conditions they are grown under. I have never tried to dug up my seed dahlias in the fall, to busy finding places for my house plants and coleus, ornamental Sweet potato vine cuttings, and some others.
You're lucky to have a crawl space, sure miss the one in my childhood home, it was more like a "root cellar" Mom stored her home canned vegatables and jellies there along with her amaryllis bulbs.

Brandon, FL(Zone 9b)

I agree. .and EXTREMELY helpful in trades too.

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

I only had a few of those dahlia plants. They started looking really bad, so I pulled them up and threw them out! But I don't think what I had were seeds so I threw those out also. I had the same probelm with another plant. I think they were hit hard by that moldy mildew but also smothered by other plants. Well, most all annuals are pulled up now except for a few petunias and a vincia (sp) vine which may come inside. But I am planning for spring now.

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