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need advice asap! recieved cuttings in mystery trade

Lawrenceville, GA

Sorry to waltz in here and dump a lot of questions on everybody. I usually live in the daylily and iris forums. Anyhoo, I just recieved two plumeria cuttings today in an unexpected trade. Both cuttings look healthy to me. (not that I know anything about Plumeria, but compared to Brugmansia cutitngs, they look fine)They have nice green top growth with leaves beggining to unfurl. The cutting bottoms are calused over and the stems are not soft in any way. I read the sticky about rooting them, but still have questions. Should I recut the bottoms prior to adding the rootone? This is what I would do to a Brug or rose cutting. But, I read somewhere that one guy likes to let the bottoms calus over before he roots them. I have perilite, good potting soil, rootone, and a nice big pot. I do not have pea pebbles, but do have fish tank rocks (those neon small pebbles, which are clean, non-used) Anyway, should I use those on top? Or, just use the perilite mix with soil and wait to put the pebbles unitl I can go get some. It will be at least a week before I will have time to get any pebbles. Thanks for listening to my Plumeria emergency. I would appreciate any feed back or advice.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

Do not recut and use soil with perlite mixed in so it drains well, put in a warm spot and don't water them until you see real leaves.

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Hi Char,

Don't recut -- calloused is good. Dip it in rooting hormone and plant.

Big pot -- a no-no. Try a one-gallon nursery plastic pot.

Pea pebbles are bad -- forget them. No rocks on top or bottom -- it's a myth that they are good for drainage. They are actually bad for drainage.

Here's a link:

Lawrenceville, GA

Thanks, both of you! I will go ahead and use the perilite with potting soil WITHOUT pebbles in a gallon size pot. I have rootone, so I will use that too. It is still very warm here, so I think the timing will be OK.

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