Best laser level for installing ceiling tiles?

Glenburn, ND

We are about to start hanging ceiling tiles in our basement - we have the whole thing to do, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, and entry way. We were considering renting a laser level but this isn't going to be a one or 2 weekend job I am afraid. So I am trying to find a laser level that we may purchase instead - possibly sell on ebay when we are done if it is real expensive. Any suggestions - there is sooo many out there to choose from.


Missouri City, TX

Sears has one for less tha $100, Black & Decker's Bulls-Eye is less than $50.

Glenburn, ND

I haven't seen very many good reviews on the Sears one, but I will check out the Black & Decker one. I dont mine spending $400 or so on a good one, just trying to find one that is reliable and not $1200.


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

rent one from home-depot

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