Stone Fired Pizza Oven. Yummm!

How many of Us Aussies have BBQ’s ???

On a recent trip to Italy [ The birth place of PIZZAS ]


I saw what was the best back yard accessory since the Hills Hoist.
A Brilliant little oven called the “Stone Fired Pizza Oven “

I have decided to build one here on the Gold Coast.
If any one is interested, I will post some Pictures of the progress of my new back yard Accessory.

Sydney, Australia

Hi ginger that's where you have been ...boy you sure get around ...I agree re the pizza oven, I am married to a born in Italy Australian and our BBQ is ok but boy oh boy do those Pizza oven work wonders with way more than pizzas ...what about bread, meat ...sausages, you name it.Sad to say I have a huge brick BBQ ...big enough to cook a cow in as well as a 6 burner BBQ with cover ...hardly use them.
The Brick and tiled giant BBQ came with the house ...????? it's only 10ft from the septic tank so no I don't use it except for a heatbank in my secret garden (it keeps the tropicals warm).
The other is so big I only use it when there is a crowd.
This is for you ...welcome home ^_^

Melbourne, Australia

Hi Ginger,

I certainly hope you got around to building your oven, there's a pretty solid following for here in Australia! You should (if you haven't already) check out Forno Bravo - they offer a set of 100% free pizza oven plans which are very much worth looking at. Check out for materials.

se qld, Australia

Ginger, if your library has it, Kiko Denzer's "Build Your Own Earth Oven" is very good, and easy to follow.

There was a brickworks here that is in the process of closing down, as the property is apparently worth better money as real estate than they're making from bricks. They were selling fire bricks, and because we were not really ready for them, I procrastinated in buying them. The next thing I drove past one day and much of their yard had been flattened over the weekend. I enquired about whether I was still able to get fire bricks, buth they'd apparently been crushed. :(

The chap there did tell me though that for some time they'd been selling regular solid clay bricks for the purpose. They're apparently fired at 1000 degrees anyway, which is likely to be considerably hotter than an oven would get anyway, so may be worth considering if refractory bricks turn out to be dreadfully expensive.


Clifton Springs, Australia

We have a gardening show on TV in Melbourne called "Vasili's garden" and his show is from ordinary backyards.....where people
have the veggies, grapevines, fruit trees and so on....well it's amazing how many people have homemade Pizza ovens and what they do cook in them.....

So we will look forward to watching each step in the building of Ginger's homemade Pizza oven.....Have fun.

Sydney, Australia

ha ha ha Pam and Dianne you didn't look at the date Ginger left years ago, I think he was an American living in Australia for a while ...a shame because he was great fun.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Caught nicely, so we really replied to bennythejet......oh well....I enjoy just the thought of the Pizzas.

Sydney, Australia

Love vasili and his backyard gardens Dianne ... so funny looking back at that old thread, you can't even get at my big brick BBQ any longer for the Jungle's a heat bank though.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

was vasili the one with the 'massive haunting' head?

Victoria, Australia

he's certainly a character!

Clifton Springs, Australia

What do you mean,Anthony....Vasili is funny heads there....

This is a pic from one of his shows......Maresi....

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

We could learn a lot from these gardeners ... they are almost self sufficient food wise, but it's the love of their gardens that inspires me. These people came from places where if you didn't grow your food you starved, this was the same for many of our grandparents too.
The big difference is that overseas they had to store much of their foods for the snowy extended Winters so in the warm months it was working from dawn to dusk in the garden and pushing the growth as hard as possible to ensure food stores for those Winters to com. This mostly fell to the women as the husbands were usually gone off to work.
Here we even have food growing in Winter and these people feel like they have come to paradise. I so admire them.
Vasili shows us how they not only grow their food but how they preserve it.

Hi to every one who has answered this thread.

When I first posted it 3 years ago.
I asked if anyone was interested in seeing some Pictures of the Pizza Oven progress.
I did not go ahead as there was only one reply from Chrissy.

I have been in Tully for the past 5 months doing Cyclone relief help.
I originally went up there for one weeks voluntary work.
But one week dragged into one month and on and on.
I started out helping around the township of Tully. (no building, only clearing trees)
But as time went on I moved slowly west.
One only had to drive less than a kilometre to find more destruction.
My help consisted mainly of tree lopping and tree removal from roads and tracks.

The hardest part wad I had to live in my two man tent for 5 months as there was no accommodation.
The first two weeks of camping was quite fun.
But that soon wore off.

Anyway, I'm back and now my own garden is in desperate need of a big clean up.

I will post the Pizza Oven Pictures during this week if there is still interest ?

Sydney, Australia

Hi Ginger ! happy to see you back you really do get around, yes I would love to see some pics of your pizza oven and a thread with pics of your wanderings in a new thread too.
Just curious are you from America ? I can't remember why I thought you might be, perhaps another Ginger over there.
Anyway it's great to have you back ...poor Tully huh? ...poor QLD.
Glad to hear things are happening up there to aid these flood victims.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Start posting Ginger, post your garden pics too...

Quote from chrissy100 :
Just curious are you from America ? I can't remember why I thought you might be, perhaps another Ginger over there.
Anyway it's great to have you back ...poor Tully huh? ...poor QLD.
Glad to hear things are happening up there to aid these flood victims.

Yes there is an American Ginger. They are not very active though.
And because the name was taken I became Ginger749. ;o)
And I have never been to the US of A.
We have much better National Parks here in Australia.

The slab on the left was to become my Pizza Ovens new home.
I decided to add another step to the Veranda Steps.
They were a tad steep as they were.
And I wanted them to finish beyond the front of the Pizza Oven.

Thumbnail by ginger749

The new steps will be made out of Granite slabs to match the Pizza Oven surround.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Left hand wall of Pizza Oven is nearly completed.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Left, right and back support walls now completed.

Thumbnail by ginger749
se qld, Australia

Great pics Ginge. It's always good to see things done by a 'real person' - makes it seem more achievable. It's on our list of things 'to do', but golly, it's a long list.

Clifton Springs, Australia

That's looking great, good spot next to the veranda...
Don't forget to swing the camera to the left......there's a jungle out there.

Yes Seachange,
That is a Jungle out to the left.
Some of my later preogress Pictures do show that area a bit more.
That is where I took the Pictures of my Spangled Drongo.
You can read the story here:-

I agree completely with you Pam about that personal touch.

Cuts were made in the top course of Besser Blocks so suspended floor could be tied into all support walls.
The suspended slab will fly out over back wall by 16 inches.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Every build needs a supervise.
This is 'she who must be obeyed'. ;-(

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

oh I can hardly wait to see it finished ...are you making the actual dome yourself ?

I like the idea of the clay but the modern version may work better ...

I hope this works

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Thanks Chrissy for the links.
But I finished the Oven more than two years ago.
And yes, I freeformed the dome.
Pictures of that stage will follow in their right order.
I will just add this Picture to show that it really is finished.

Thumbnail by ginger749

And this was one of the finished Pizzas. Yummmm!

Thumbnail by ginger749
Sydney, Australia

Oh that's fantastic!!!!!
I love it!

Now to talk my Italian born hubby into one ...trouble is he still works (supposed to be semi retired) almost all the time so I may be waiting a while.
Congratulations you must love using it, do you make breads and roast things in it too?

se qld, Australia

Awesome! What time shall we come for pizza, Ginge?


Clifton Springs, Australia

She who must be obeyed is obviously anticipating the future pizzas in that pic....the pizza in the pic looks delicious, I can almost smell it...

Quote from Seachanger :
She who must be obeyed is obviously anticipating the future pizzas in that pic....

She is always there at happy hour with a glass of Vino, and an encouraging word.
But also never fails to ask, “when will it be finished ?”

Because I wanted an arched doorway to the wood storage area underneath.
It caused me a few structural problems.
But I feel it looks way better than the square doorways.
I used ¾ deformed 'reo' bars to hold it all together.
They also go right down into the side walls to further tie it all together.
The rest of the suspended floor will also tie into this arch with four reo bars. (next lot of Pictures)

Thumbnail by ginger749

Beginning to fill the boxing with concrete.
Making sure there are no air bubbles in the arch.

Thumbnail by ginger749
se qld, Australia

But wait, there's more! What I want to know, is when do we get the steak knives? lol

You're such a tease, Ginge. hehehe

One thing's for sure, with all that reinforcing in there it's never going to fall apart.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever had a thermometer in there to see how hot it actually gets?


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Quote from gardengal :
One thing's for sure, with all that reinforcing in there it's never going to fall apart.
Just out of curiosity, have you ever had a thermometer in there to see how hot it actually gets?

Without reo, the concrete will definitely crack and break up in time.
I once built an incinerator to burn household rubbish.
It lasted 12 months before it totally fell apart.
I now use a 44 gallon steel drum.

I have taken temperatures inside the Pizza Oven.
900deg C when fully heated.
The door thermometer was reading over 700. C
But I don't cook at those temperatures.
That is only to preheat the Oven.

All the coals are dragged out and the Oven is left to equalise.
Cooking can start at 450deg C.
A Big Pizza only takes two minutes too cook.
At that temperature I can cook 20 Pizzas.

Then all the Breads are Baked in there for the next day.

Thumbnail by ginger749

The arch was left to dry for three days.
Then boxing was stripped and work began on props for main suspended slab.
This slab needed to be 7 inches thick.
It needs to be this thick to retain heat for approx 5 hours cooking.

Thumbnail by ginger749

I decided to put a double layer of mesh into the main suspended slab.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Even before the slab was dry, I was laying out the Granite blocks to see how it would look.
Granite is one of the natural stone that will take in excess of 1500 deg C plus, without cracking.

Thumbnail by ginger749

Once again concrete was left for 3 days to cure before boxing was removed.

At this stage I was very pleased with the Suspended Slab.

Thumbnail by ginger749

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