Asparagas - w/procuitto & panchetta

Missouri City, TX

Steamed a bunch for about 5 minuted, then transfered the spears into a pan of ice and water.

Gathered 5-6 spears and wrapped with a piece of procuitto and a couple pieces of panchetta - toothpicks to hold it together.

Preheated oven to 400, drizzled some evoo and ground black pepper on each bunch on a baking sheet, then placed in oven and switched to broil.

Turned about 3 times to cook the meat, but did not burn any.

Served with a grilled a jalapeno wine marinated sirloin steak, some vine ripe tomato slices, and a Guiness.


Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

yum. yum. yum.

London, United Kingdom

I grow my own Asparagus, the season is very short in England for them.
I sometimes use a griddle pan, as you must never put any oil in the pan, you put the butter on the Asparagus, and rub it in.
Then when the pan is very hot, you simply put the Asparagus in, for about four to eight minutes, depending on the size.
As I get so much of it, the flavour of the plant with the slight smokey flavour is quite wonderful.
Of course it goes without saying, you must turn them, whilst cooking!
As you know you must crack them, by grabbing under the tip, then by holding the very far end of the stem, and bending it. The weakest point will give way, the woody bits are great to use in making a stock!
My recipe is similar to yours in some ways, in that I blanch them for 1 minute in salted water, then wrap smoked bacon (I have my own food smoker), around them. I put them in foil, with a bit of olive oil and chervil.
When the Salmon is partially ready, I put them in a very hot oven, for about ten to fifteen minutes.
They steam in the foil wrapper, cooks them perfectly. Then served with any fish, fresh vegetables out of the garden, in season of course, a glass of white wine and a Watercress sauce for the fish, I am happy!
I love to see the King of Vegetables grow outside my kitchen door; to harvest them and have them in a pan within minutes is a wonderful experience.
Regards from England.

Missouri City, TX

That sounds great, too, Neil.

As a boy in Southern MN, the asparagas grew along the farmers fences all over the surrounding countryside. We would harvest several hundred pounds and can them. Was always sorry when they started going to seed , but knew we would have more next year. We also grew our own, but it was a lot more fun driving and picking away from home.

London, United Kingdom

How absolutely lovely!

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