Can not find my new and first journal entry

Garden Ridge, TX

I started a journal about 1-2 weeks ago and even figured out how to post a picture of my plants - container. when I tried to find it again to add to the journal - I could not find it. Tried my user name but of course I can not remember the status (topic) for my journal. was wondering how to actually find it or maybe it did not take? Any clues or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

I went to your member page, (the page you get to by clicking on your member name in this thread). From there I could see that there were no entries in your journal, but I did find that you had a diary entry. I clicked on 'Read leodtucker's garden diary, and found that there was an entry entitled 'Leo's Gardening Adventure - The Beginning' Is that what you are looking for?

Garden Ridge, TX

That is the entry. I appreciate your assistance. Will figure out how to add to the diary. Thanks again.

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