How many Amaryllis bulbs in what size pot?

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

I am going to buy some exotic Amaryllis. I have regular amaryllis, but this is my first foray into the world of exotics, and I'm not sure if I order multiples for 10 or 12 inch clay pots, or just one. These are the varieties and size bulb:
bogota 24 cm
chico 24 cm
emerald 28 cm
estella 28 cm
gervase 28 cm
giraffe 24 cm
la paz 28 cm
lemon lime 24 cm
lima 28 cm
melusine 28 cm
misty 20 cm
papillio 28 cm
rembrandt van rijn 28 cm
ruby meyer 20 cm
santos 24 cm

Exotic star 26 cm
Misty 24 cm

Any advice would be appreciated.

Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi, great selection you have there.
I put 3 same type of bulbs in a 10 inch clay pot. Indivisual bulb in 4" pot. Depending on size of the bulbs I think 6-8" pot for single bulbshould work for awhile. 10-12" pot for 2-3 bulbs should work ok too.


Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Thank you very much for responding.

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