Will they be OK?

Aurora, IL

I have never tried poppies, but saw some on a clearance table at the nursery in July. 70% off because they were dormant and looked like nothing more than a pot of dirt! But I bought 4 pots, 3 red (I cant remember the name) and one pink Soho. Well, Soho is showing green growth, which I was told to expect. The 3 reds aren't showing any life. Should they be? Is it too early? Is there hope? It's been cool here.

Thank you.

Calgary, Canada

Do you know that they were perennial varieties?
Oriental poppies( which are perennial) will go dormant in the heat of summer,but reappear when cooler weather returns.

When annual poppies go dry and dead --they are gone unless they have reseeded themselves.

Aurora, IL

They are orientals. Soho started to show green growth, but dried up. The others have shown no sign of life. I would have thought that since it's now mid September, I'd see something.

If they don't emerge this fall or in the spring, I'll get more. At 70% off, they weren't a costly investment.

Calgary, Canada

I would dig the roots in somewhere and perhaps they will come back in the spring.

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

my planted Orientals dont put up good crowns until October and November. They get funkie all winter but re-emerge in April.
Dont give up ,but do get them planted.

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