Seed Saving?

Calgary, Canada

What seeds are you collecting and saving?
So far I have collected Tidytips, caragana and oriental poppy seeds.


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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I have Maltese Cross. Thought some people out there wanted some, but I don't remember who. And I'll have a variety of hosta seeds, but most of them will produce just green hostas.
And I always collect Lavatera and Calendula. Am trying mostly to deadhead the Calendula this year as it seeds altogether too freely in the garden.


Calgary, Canada

Lavatera and calendula are not quite ready for collecting in my yard.
Will wait a week or two.

Caroline (zone 3 Calgary)

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Actually, I think it will be a week or two here as well. Would have had Calendula if I hadn't deadheaded well.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

I always save my Salpiglosis seeds and I get the neetest colors. I had some chocolate saved and this year they will have crossed with Kew Blue so next year I will have Kew Chocolate Blues. I also will keep my jester and purple millet seeds and try to grow them next spring. I did that once and they came true so to save some $ on sees I will keep the full seeds and keep half in the garage and half in the house to see what works best.

Calgary, Canada

That is good to know that you save Salpiglossis seeds and the millet seeds.
I did not grow those this year,but will keep that in mind for future.
Seeds are becoming expensive and also when you save your own then you know
how old they are and how viable they are likely to be.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I collect certain dianthus, lavatera, delph and poppy seeds every year. This year I also collected from california bluebell which I am totally in luv with. I also collect to share with others who want things. I keep a list of those so I don't forget. BTW Susan I have your maltese cross seeds. (Susan was one ViolaAnn) Pop by or I can mail them if its easier for you.

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