Bulb planting Yet?

Calgary, Canada

Started with foxtail lilies.
This weekend is:
Daffodils (Ice Follies) white with yellow trumpet.
Tulips are Antoinette which are multi flowering and change colour.
Fall flowering crocus are neat. They flower with the first cool period. Then send up strappy leaves in spring.

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)


Don't know if you're much more organized than me or whether fall is shorter out West and you have to get moving faster. Here, plant the fall non-hardy mums about mid September and bulbs after that. Must admit that bulb planting is one of my least favorite gardening tasks.

Saw foxtail lilies on a garden tour in spring. Very impressed.
Keep meaning to use autumn crocuses (colchicum) but not got round to it yet.
Don't know Antoinette (sounds good), but know Ice Follies are a reliable daffodil here.

Tend to use species and hybrid crocus, species and hybrid tulips, fancyish daffodils like Tahiti and Texas, Chionodoxa Giant Pink and grape hyacinth. So many different large summer perennials, don't tend to use summer bulbs and corms (except crocosmia: Lucifer is very showy).

Particularly wanted to say, I've been fighting Chionodoxa (luciliae/forbesii) and Puschkinia libanotica ever since I planted them, maybe ten years ago, and am now finally getting the upper hand to their elimination. They spread by seeding (as well as bulb division). Am repeating myself, but labels say they 'naturalize' and 'form drifts', which for me, at least, have come to mean 'very invasive'. I was warned about the invasive nature of Scilla sibirica, so never planted it. But guess it's all a matter of taste.

Grand Forks, BC(Zone 5b)

Usually plant bulbs at the end of September here.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Anytime now. This year just a bag of 100 Chinodoxa-

Sunny I plant all of those little ones and they sure are not invasive here in fact I wish they would naturalize a bit faster!

Usually put in whatever 'new' species tulip is available but did not bother this year. Also usually buy a bag of mixed daffs but didnt get around to it this year.

Invested (LOL) in 1 Fritallaria Imperialis just out of curioosity although I know it wont flower here more than a year or two.

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Like the compactness of the species tulips, but have to avoid fritillaria. The lily beetles here like them. Apparently these beetles breed on lilies and fritillaria. I also found they ate my toad lilies, so I gave up on the lot of them.

Fancy, guess it's a matter of climate. Was in Niagara-on-the-Lake last April.
The climate is milder there than here, with an earlier start to the growing season. Saw this property for sale. There was a small amount of puschkinia,
but the large bulk was Chionodoxa luciliae/forbesii.

Thumbnail by SunnyBorders
Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Sunny I must confess I would love to have my lawn look like that!

I know how to do it but I suspect because of late springs they might well be in bloom just about when the grass needed cutting!

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Fancy, just to remind you, that property was for sale (though could be sold by now). On the other hand, maybe employment opportunities are better in Calgary!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Thanks Sunny !

Employment opportunities are no longer of any interest to me!

And after a few years in Ottawa long ago I wouldnt want to move back into that summer humidity!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Fall blooming crocus are going in this weekend and starting on the tulips cuz I have so many to plant/replant. I definitely want to try the lawn planting in the back with early crocus but not this year. I ordered WAY TOO MANY spring bulbous things already (big surprise snort).

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Dug up and replanted some bulbs and put in some new ones ( I was given a lot of little ones last week, wasnt planning on doing much in the way of bulbs this year!) Ground is really hard - i watered twice in the last 10 days but you wouldnt know it!
Chinodoxa, daffs, alliums, species tulips and crocus and a Fritalaria Imperialis ( this years experiment!)

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

oooo please keep us posted about the frit. I've had no luck with those so far.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Lori said it should bloom for a year or two so I figured worth a try . I had to buy an orange one as that was all they had . Still it is an experiment so I am not too concerned about the outcome, justwould like to have it flower once!

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