Poor Frog :(

Marietta, MS(Zone 7b)

Please help! What's wrong with this frog & what can I do for him? He has been here for at least a month. Looks like maybe something is wrong with his tongue. He had it sticking out the first time I saw him. Anyone know what I can do for him? Thank you.


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Dewitt, MI(Zone 5b)

Looks like a toad and it appears to have been a tadpole not long ago (rear end pointed). It looks dehydrated or malnourished. Since they use their tongue to feed and you observed a possible problem with it, that could be why. If you really want to try to help it, put it in a terrarium to maintain high humidity. Water and moving bugs (mealworms or whatever you can find in your yard that a toad may like) should be provided. I'd think that you could watch it eat unless it's too far gone, but if it has been around for a month it must be eating something. It may just be in the process of turning into a full fledged toad.

Marietta, MS(Zone 7b)

Thank you. When I didn't get a quick response here, I posted on the water garden forum. I haven't seen him in a few days now. I keep looking, but haven't spotted him yet. Wish I would have thought about putting him in a fish tank... I have been keeping the area well watered where I have seen him hanging out. I just thought maybe taking him out of his environment would be too stressful for him. I just don't know. Here is a link to the other post. Thank you again for your help.



Sterling, VA(Zone 7a)

If I'm not mistaken, I believe toads like slugs too:

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