Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

Wow, so many buds, lucky you!

Wilfred, question, The base looks grafted, and one limb has been removed. Is this how the big commercial guys do it, graft-and-grow, then chop off a bit, sell the plant, and then graft-and grow?

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Molamola, I think the growers have large stock plants to take their grafting material from.
Helenchild,that is another beautiful yellow and a great looking plant as well.

Carolina, PR(Zone 11)

What grower do is they plant many many seeds by the thousands and let them grow until they bloom, if they find one or two that are quite different in appearance they separate them and let them grow until it big enough for them to chop of some branches to graft them on the more common ones they deem as common pink which they use to graft the the more rare one on to them. If by any chase a branch would sprout from under the grafted part of the plant you'll notice when it blooms that is a common pink one, one example would be the yellow or white ones you usually purchase at nurseries and eBay. Lets say you planted 100 seeds and when they grew and bloomed and your were lucky to get only one which is pink with purple streaks in the bloom that made it look outstandingly gorgeous compared to the rest, it would be rare, so you don't sell it, but you can cut some parts of it and graft them on the other 99 that came out as common pink ones and sell those instead at a higher price since the blooms have a rare color on them you can't get any other way since seeds don't come through to parent plants. Even though they still have the original one they usually stay with a few of the ones they grafted to have more live stock of the same one to get more cutting from them when they mature into bigger plants and this way increasing the amount of cutting they get, and increasing the amount of grafted plants they can do, besides if by any coincidence the original one dies for any reason they still have the grafted ones they did and can still tack cutting from those. If you know how to graft them you can do the same and have more of the plant you like the most. hope this helps explain a little on how its done.


Decatur, GA

I didn't pick up on the grafting right away. I must have been just dazzled with the flowers!! lol In fact not really until I had posted the picture. But studying the picture on line it became obvious.
I am pleased with the color and think it would be interesting if a branch developed below the graft and it became a plant with two different color flowers. I just hope that the fact it is grafted isn't going to be detrimental and shorten the life of the plant for some reason. Do you think the grafting site might be a weak area and more susceptible to rot? Any special precautions needed?
Thanks for the input.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

In my own plants I have noticed that seedlings grow much faster than grafted plants.This indicates to me that grafted plants are weaker.But that said,all my grafted plants are healthy and grow well,just not as robust as the seedlings.
If you let limbs come out from below the graft they will overtake and hide the grafted part,which is what you paid for in the first place.I have such a plant and will take a picture this afternoon and post it up later.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

This grafted plant is "Tropical Sun"and seems to be a Somalense grafted to an Obesum base.The limb on the right is from below the graft and is much stronger/taller than the limbs from above the graft.There is also another,smaller,limb starting from below the graft.
Also,notice the plant directly behind the grafted plant.That one had rot in the caudex.The rot went all the way through and was removed.Now,a year later,it's again in good health but with a large hole through the caudex.

Thumbnail by gone2seed
Decatur, GA

What good luck gone2seed for saving your rotting plant. You must me a good doctor. :-) Did you have to do surgery?
Its a very cool plant now, with the hole through the middle.
I see what you mean about the plant with the grafted portion. I will have to keep an eye on mine and trim it if I want to keep its growth balanced. Thanks for you pictures.

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