New flowerbed

Orrville, OH(Zone 5b)

We ran out of room to add flower beds to our own yard so my husband and I volunteered to replant a long border for the historic society. It's about seventy feet long and was full of ditch lilies, hosta, raspberries, seven foot maple saplings, and lots of thistle. There were tree removed just a couple of years ago and roots are a problem. Although he's no spring chicken, my Dh worked very hard turning and clearing the whole thing by hand. The Historic Society had just finished major work fixing the founders homestead and have no more funds. We're trying to live off one fart-time job so we aren't able budget any funds to this project either. All flowers are from my garden , we're acquired at a plant swap, or were planted from seeds. Thank you piggy swap participants!

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Orrville, OH(Zone 5b)

We built a low wall to elevate a low spot that floods after heavy rains. There's very few rocks here and we had trouble finding enough.

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Orrville, OH(Zone 5b)

From the sidewalk

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Orrville, OH(Zone 5b)

Towards the founders homestead.

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Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

Oh man that looks beautiful. Hoep evrybody give s yoru hubby big hugs for all the work he did. That is alot of work.

Such beauty to see and hope other s wil appreciate all the work ya guys put into it : )

( Now can I borrow him to do my yards. LOl hahahahah )

Woodinville, WA(Zone 8b)

Nice job. It must be even more rewarding in that you did it without buying plants. It looks great.

(Sheryl) Gainesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

ROFL - I've had jobs like the one you mention!!!!

Looks great, anytime you wanna do another, jes' lemme know! You both did a great job.

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

What a great job , now are you two the full time caretakers of the garden too?

Central, VA(Zone 7b)

Yes, as gardengus says, you saved it, and so it is yours now. Twice blessed.

Bay Village, OH

Congrats. Really cool. Good work.

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