Too much onion

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

I am making a barbeque sauce that I have made before but this time I skipped a step. The onion, which was processed in a food processor, was supposed to be put through a fine strainer and the solids discarded. I just dumped it in and the onion is pretty intense. Any thoughts on how to tone it down. I was wondering if a little lemon juice might help.

basic ingredients are ketchup, mustard, molasses, worcestershire, vinegar and a little liquid smoke along with a few spices.

Any suggestions welcome.

Missouri City, TX

Can you increase the other ingredients?

I expanded the recipe I use from about a quart to over a gallon years ago. With everything cooked to the boil, I can it in the ketchup bottles (sterilized of course), with enough left over to be used the week I make it.

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