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Do you know your birds?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My Brother In-Law has a little bird hobby. They have chickens, pheasants, peacocks, cranes etc.

Anyways, last year he bought some pheasant eggs & a bantam hen hatched them. So the pheasants grew up thinking they were chickens. They lost some of their birds to a predator and one male pheasant survived. This spring he got a bit googly eyed about a bantam chicken and now they have few CHEASANTS. (cross btwn pheasant & chicken)

The colors are cool.

Thumbnail by joannabanana
South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

Are you sure they aren't Phickens? How interesting. A little gangly looking yet. I hope he will keep them long enough to see if they can reproduce. They would probably not be able to, but I don't know my biology that well.

Mona in Metcalfe, ON(Zone 5a)

if they did it then they can keep going the same way that we had a half links half house cat animals evolve

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