After the Fish-Fry

Missouri City, TX

Had some leftover thawed catfish from the Labor Day Fish Fry. Did not want to refreeze it, so tried something new.

Drained and rinced, then put in a Ziploc with a cup of buttermilk and a half-cup of jalapeno wine.
Made a dry batter - cup of flour, 1/4 cup masa, healthy amount of our favorite seasonings (garlic, paprika, black pepper, very little salt).
Heated enough oil to coat the bottom of a cast iron skillet. Preheated the oven to 375F.
Dredged the pieces and browned on all sides, then placed in a Pyrex flat dish in batches.

Baked for 20-30 minutes.

While fish was baking, took the batter aind made a roux, using the marinade, with some additional water.
Chopped a LARGE mushroom and some onion, and added to the roux. (Exactly backwards from the way I should have done it.)
Cooked the mixture stirring to blend, then added a pat of butter to finish.

Plated fish and smothered with the "gravy", served with some steamed long beans, a cucumber/tomato/onion salad, and a glass of Guiness.

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

Great idea. I rarely have leftover fish, but I'm going to get some catfish just for this!!

Missouri City, TX

Pan frying the fish nuggets was no big deal, but making and serving the "gravy" was very different.

DW agreed with me - it was completely different from the normal deep fried that we had the previous day; not quite a tempura - a little more flavor than that, but much less than normal, really allowed the fish to be the main course.

Instead of Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Fish - lol.

Huffman, TX(Zone 9a)

Way to go bubba I always have some fish in the freezer and I will try your recipe. I have one for you I came up with this one when I was on a diet a couple of years ago.
I use crappie fillets because that is what I fish for mostly.
I use a large piece of tin foil
spread a thin layer of olive oil on the foil
sprinkle some cornstarch on the foil
put a layer of fish fillets in a line side by side touching
then a layer of very finely chopped bell pepper, onion.& garic then sqirt lemon juice and a little butter on it( hence the reason the diet didn't work)
depending how many I am cooking for I will spinkle corn starch again and put another layer of fish and o,p,g. then more lomon juice oh I forgot to sprinkle lemon pepper on each layer and a little more butter , then I wrap it very tight in the foil and put another layer of foil. Then I put it on a hot grill when it puffs up like jiffy pop I take it off. The fish is sitting in the sauce that was formed from the corn starch and butter. I cooked this at work a couple of times and all those fried fish eaters loved it. ( I love fried crappie also)
The more corn starch and butter the more sauce you get. It will only puff up if its wrapped really tight.

Missouri City, TX

Very similar to a recipe we have for codfish. We'll try it.

Now I gotta go talk someone out of some crappie - lol.

BTW, are you coming to the roundup Nov 7th?

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Huffman, TX(Zone 9a)

well that is opening week of deer season but I would like to, where is it and what do you do there. I start fishing for crappie in Jan after deer season so if you would like to try it out contact me here and we will see if you can't have plenty of crappie.....

Missouri City, TX

There are a couple of RU threads in Texas Gardening.

We exchange plants, have a great time meeting other DG members, share some food (pot luck), and share all kinds of gardening stories, tips, etc.

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