How much Honey?

Forestville, NY

Just wondering how much honey did you get this year. I got a little over 75 lbs . over clover honey would have been more except for all the rain this year. The ladies are working on the goldenrod flow right now its looking good so far.

Richmond, TX

I'm impressed!

Dartmouth, NS(Zone 6a)

I'm impressed too! How many hives do you have? I don't weigh my honey (perhaps I should ) but I got 120 16 oz jars filled. Not my biggest harvest, too much rain, but off of 3 hives, I'd say its acceptable ;-) My ladies are working on goldenrod flow right now too but I'll let them keep that cuz its just not as good as the clover. plus, I took the first harvest much latter than I usually do (I just finished extracting this week)

Forestville, NY

I have only one hive I got luck not much rain till August and I have a lot of White Clover fields around plus the sit on a large field of clover. if it wasn't for Aug. I would have twice as much but the ladies spent so much time inside they consume the supplies. Batflower there no need to weigh you goy about a 120 lbs ( 16 oz = 1 lb) witch for the year we had was not bad.

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