Southern fried Chicken!

London, United Kingdom

Has anyone got a simple recipe fro southern fried Chicken!
My Nieces adore it but I do not want them having take away rubbish.
Their must be a way of making it?
I am a good cook, and they love English food.
They have been brainwashed into Kentucky fried Chicken shops, not by me!
Regards from England.

Plano, TX

you won't like this answer but chicken fried steak is one of those foods best found in a good diner--not sure why but that is what i find to be true--
of course finding a diner for chicken fried steak in london might be difficult :)

London, United Kingdom

I do not mind an answer, it is better than getting none!
Whilst serving in the British Army we went to Canada, there we got two weeks local leave, so we went into America.
We mostly eat in diners, although they give you too much food, which we are not used to.
Massive portions are not the English way, nobody needs that much food.
I weighed 140 pounds when I went in the Army at 6 foot two and a half, I still weigh the same.
The problem is the Kentucky fried chicken shops over here are quite frankly disgusting.
The chicken is soaking in fat, it drips off, even making the box soaked!
So I will not allow my nieces it, as I consider it to be abhorrent!
It is also the same with the pizzas, they are just as bad, an expensive load of rubbish!
So if the girlies are staying, which they do; I make my own pizza dough, then they can top it with what they want, there is none of this I do not like this or that as they made it themselves!
They get "Hobsons choice," here, either they eat it or get it cold for breakfast, simple!
It is just a chicken recipe I want!
Someone must have a homemade one.
Kindest Regards from England.
p.s. I dot not let them eat Muck Donald's as we call it either, and I have six nieces.

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)

There have been several thread that shared fried chicken recipes, here is one:
I know there have been several other threads, but somehow I'm not finding them right now.
Good luck

Plano, TX

it is usually served with white country style gravy and mashed potatoes-if you are going for the whole theme

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

ask and u get an answer, search and u find... be sure to look on left panel of the link for more recipes. hth

ma vie

edited to add:
choices, choices and more choices on fried chicken ...

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Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

this is one of my favorite meals and now you have made my mouth water just thinking about it. Guess i am going to have to make a trip to the grocery now!

townsville, Australia

I am with you Neil, I live in Australia and Kentucky Duck as we call it is greasy and leaves a foul taste in your throat for hours, Maccas is crap and pizza is not far away, I love takaway but I prefer burgers and fish and chips from the local take away, good food and at least the money stays locally as well, win win situation.
I will get down from my soapbox now, and I mean no offence to anyone, except the huge franchises who squeeze out the little man everyday in every western country on earth. Sorry all I can not help it I have a bad habit of saying what I think without thinking about it first lol.
ok ok ok now I am really finished venting :-)

have a wonderful October all (Christmas is nearly here:-)

London, United Kingdom

Dear Shell, I was informed yesterday morning that my two nephews were coming over to stay.
They always try to push their luck, wanting to eat rubbish take aways, it does not work here as everything is homemade by me!
By rubbish Take aways I also refer to the chains, not like our local fish & chip shop ( 1937), and owned by three generations, which always has a line of people waiting outside the door.
So off to the butchers I went, and got some Steak & Kidney, with pie making on my mind. Good steak which I trimmed the fat off, good Kidney, and homemade pastry.
This served with mashed potato, cabbage and carrots, is far better than any Take away in the world on a cold night.
I made two as I knew what would happen, even after their protests about Take aways.
So I enclose a picture I am also going to put on recipes, for everyone.
This was the second pie after a seven and eleven year old tucked in.
Surely that with fresh organic vegetables is better than some grease or Monosodium glutamate filled rubbish!
Kind Regards from England.

Thumbnail by NEILMUIR1
townsville, Australia

Hi there Neil, good on you I am sure the boys really enjoyed the wonderful home made meal, I know for a fact thats what I would prefer lol.
I don't really do kidney, sorry just never liked it, but the rest sounds wonderful.
I look forward to your recipes.
have a great weekend

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Have you ever thought about making oven fried chicken? Our Shake N Bake is pretty good and available in 2 or 3 flavors. I just sprinkle chicken with seasoned salt(MSG free), garlic powder and paprika. Let it set a bit to allow the seasoning to soak in. Then bake on a low rack over a jelly roll pan or a 9 X 13 cake pan at 350* until a thermometer tests 160* near the bone or in the center of a piece of breast meat. Or poke with a fork. Meat is done when juices are clear. You can also roll the pieces of chicken in ground cereal with favorite poultry seasonings.

townsville, Australia

Leaflady that sounds wonderful, I am unsure if I can get this product in Australia, but I will have a look for it.

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

There are several approaches to fried chicken so far as I know. In any case, the chicken will taste better if it has salt and pepper applied early in the day or the day before. I like KFC's 11 herbs and spices but it's not traditional. The process also goes faster and cooks more evenly if you start with the chicken at room temperature.

The oil or whatever you use for frying needs to be about 375 degrees F. If it isn't, the chicken will soak it up like a sponge. You fry the ugly side down and turn when the color gets right and the sound quietens down. You need a full lid for the first side and leave the lid half cocked for the second side which cooks much faster.

You can skin the chicken and not miss it or leave it on. The secret to the crisp crust and juicy interior is a good thorough coating of flour which may be seasoned. You have your chicken wet so the flour adheres. I lay mine out on wax paper, not touching, and sometimes sprinkle a little water to help moisten the flour. After it sits for a few minutes it will all be thoroughly wet. You try not to disturb the coating as you put it in the hot oil or when you turn it. It will finish crispy and seal the fat out and the juice in.

Traditionally, only something like 1/4" of oil is needed. The pan drippings plus some additional flour is used to make gravy. You can use more oil if you wish and get a product that is more like the deep fried take out places. With a lot of oil there's nothing much to de-glaze for gravy.

So the important points are pre-seasoning, coating, temperature and color. This is called pan fried. If you do the same thing and crowd the skillet keeping the lid on, it's called smothered chicken which is also traditional. In the old days either one would be served with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, vegetables and a sweet with sweet iced tea to drink. Fit for a king in my opinion.

townsville, Australia

this sound wonderful I will give it a go on the weekend, oops no next weekend I am going away this one, I work to many hours through the week and very rarely cook for my self just normally have a bowl of cereal or a sandwich lol. But I always cook myself a decent meal on weekends :-)

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

If you can't get Shake and Bake, go online and find a copy cat version of it. It is basically some type of cereal or cornmeal with a little flour to make it stick better and the seasonings.

I skip the cereal and flour and just use the garlic power, season salt, and paprika, then bake. If I leave the skin on I try to put some seasoning up under it as well as on it so the meat gets some seasoning.

You can also marinate chicken in lots of different things and then bake it. Like Italian dressing, BBQ sauce, dry seasoings like McCormich has out, etc. Just put it all in a container, shake it up well, put in the refrigerator, and let it set at least 2 hours. Shake every few hours or twice a day if you are leaving it allday or night. Seasoning the chicken can become a very individual thing and lots of fun.

Can you get countertop rotissories over there? They make a wonderful 'baked' chicken. Since there is just me I cook some chicken, onion, and potatoes at the same time.

GOD bless and keep you and yours.

Charlevoix, MI(Zone 4b)

Southern Fried Chicken isn't hard to do at all. I've used this recipe and my Deep South friends LOVED it. I'm a Northern girly and I thought it was pretty darn good! I've made it about 20 times now.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

Have to agree with all the comments on this one - made it last weekend to rave reviews - you can switch the ingredients to metric on the site I believe

townsville, Australia

Good morning all, actually it will still be last night for you all lol.
I have never looked for a counter top rotissory, but my BBQ has one so it comes in handy.
Thanks for the recipies and the links, I also found a great macaroni and cheese on one of the sites, so I am a happy camper lol.
I have checked out the shops and we have a similar product to your shake and bake so all is good.
Thanks Dea I have a conversion chart to metric I would be lost without it as a lot of my recipies are still in imperial, most recipies come with the conversions in brackets after them now, it is really only the ones I get from America that I have to convert now :-)
Thank you all so much for all your help I really appreciate it
Have a great day

Huffman, TX(Zone 9a)

NEILMUIR1 I know I am late in this thread but looking through all of the recipes and I don't want to step on any toes but the food network Paula Deen's is a genuine southern fried chicken recipe and is exactly the way I cook it try it you'll like it. KFC has MSG I won't eat it anymore!!! Thank you MsKatt of course anything Paula Deen cooks is ok with me.

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