Brugmansia Sprout Off #5 Merging to learn more.....

The Brug sprout contest will continue on this forum. We hope that we can gain from the expertise exhibited on these threads. (We kinda need it LOL)

Welcome to the adventure of the Brugmansia Tribe. Join us as we race to grow our sprouts and win the pot of goodies!

The Contestants and their Positions in the Tribe:

Arejay59 Keeper of the Tribal Atlas
Mekos Keeper of the Tribal Sustenance
Mindy03 Personal Attendant to the Goddess
Locakelly Tribal Sorceress
Cue_chik High Priestess
Joeswife (Debra) Keeper of the Peace
Hollyhocklady Keeper of the Elder Scrolls
Seray53 Guardian of Treasure
MechelleT Bearer of the Sacred Light
Duchess61 The One who Favors Datura
Huneybunch_2000 Medicine Woman
Blondhavmofun Royal Tribal Jester or The One who makes us Laugh
Ridesredmule Tribal Scout "Dancing with Mules"
Skellogg Princess of the Frozen North
Fool4Flowers Queen of the Brugmansia Forest

Here's the Winner's Pot of Goodies:
1 rooted cutting of Hibiscus - Double Peach
1 rooted cutting of Night Blooming Jasmine
1 fan white daylily Joan Senior
5 cuttings Pink Brugmansia
$10 gift Certificate to Botanical Interests
1 small plumeria
2 fans yellow daylily
2 fans Kwanza daylily
1 red Amaryllis bulb
3 items from Mechelle's have list:
Chrissy Brug Cutting
Jean Pasko Brug Cutting
Iochroma Purple Queen Cutting
3 Crossandra Plants *tropic Flame*
1 Giant Dead Head Benarys Green Envy Zinnia
5 Dead heads Raspberry Wine Monarda
5 Salmon four o clocks seeds
2 Yellow pear tomatoe pods ( about 30 seeds)
2 cherry tomatoe pods "sweet 100s"
5 fans Ditch Day Lilly ( all the way from a ditchin the country from Kansas)
1 pack mixed JMGS
1 pod of My favorite Pink JMG right now.. Akatzu No Mai
2 green elephant ear bulbs
Choice of three packs of seeds
5 Kg bag of BocaBob's coconut coir
1 Brugmansia B. Bergkonigin
1 Book Brugmansia and Datura
1 brugmansia B. New Orleans Lady.
plumeria, rooted from a cutting; magnolia seed pod, and seeds from an orange sweet

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Thumbnail by seray53
Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Hello all. APOLOGIES FIRST THING ,IF I OFFENDED ANYONE. I"LL learn to keep my mouth shut one of these days.(you would think)
I understand if you guys want to drop me from here.(no nasty d-mails needed) IF not , I'm here.

Monticello, KY(Zone 6b)

You stay put Mekos I need you to help me bug Cue.

DUMP OUR COOK!!!! ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!! Aren't you serving Mojitos. We kinda need a couple LOL

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

You guys have a mojito on me, I'm having a slow screw. I need the hard stuff ,now.

Washington, IN(Zone 6a)

Well mekos if you left it would be your doing not ours. WE DON'T WANT YOU GOING ANYWHERE ! You hear me ?

Orlando, FL

mekos you leave i will hunt you down south carolina isnt that far lol it may take me a few days walking but i will get there lol
hi everyone how is you guys doing.

Hi Blondie

Feeling better today?

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

New Chatter thread !!! Welcome home......

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

I'm with you mekos! Need the hard stuff, can I have a scotch and water please? And you belong here. Don't you dare go anywhere! Also, I sure hope I haven't offended anyone either! No point in saying anything about learning to keep my big mouth shut, cuz don't guess it will ever happen, won't ever learn how. Haven't yet in all these years, so don't think it's possible for me. LOL!

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Yoo Hoo where are you????

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

HI Blondie, hope you are feeling better. Lots of confusion here. Can't make everyone happy. Well, I guess we'll be ok where ever we go if we're all together. What can we do to help? Any ideas anyone?

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Jan we are taking head counts over here ....get in line missy

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Well, arejay I clicked the chat thread you put up and came back here. What is up?

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)

Oh see that cause I made the thread instead of Cue she took the position now look !! See. Wait Ill be right back...with the right link gottcha all huh ????

Washington, IN(Zone 6a)

Yeah I agree mekos but even if we move to the garden chat somebody will probably complain because we have buried their threads under all of our chatting.

Litchfield, ME(Zone 5a)
It works I just tried it again

Montrose, AR(Zone 8a)

well some one always gotta complain...I certainly dont think you were wrong in speaking your mind Meko's and I dont feel you owe any one an apology...Personally I thought it was pretty darn nice to go to the seed trade forum and find everything I needed there under different threads... But we are strong in numbers and in the will to survive... We can move and still generate more activity than most threads I've looked over...So lets stay strong in numbers and in our friendships, and no matter where we are no one can tear us apart....

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Thanks hunny, but I shouldn't have stooped to their levels. It was wrong of me. I should have kept my mouth shut and not hurt the seed collecting for the newbies. People will remember me to the fuss and tie it in with the newbie seeds thread. That is not good. The whole idea was to bring seeds in , not to hurt feelings and run them off.

Montrose, AR(Zone 8a)

Lol I dont think you hurt us at all.... You didnt stoop to their level you simply defended what we have worked to build up for everyone especially the newbies...In the end we are all still together, and alot of times changes end up being for the best.

Washington, IN(Zone 6a)

I agree with huney !!!!!!!!!!

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Yes but it will take more than US to keep those newbie packs filled. That is what I'm thinking about. If I hurt their feelings, they don't give seeds. Notice on the seed thread where someone is giving seeds for postage, a couple of OURS got skipped right over. Go look.

People remember you Mekos because you are so GENEROUS with your seeds and trades. Arejay will have plenty of seeds. A little shaking up never hurts things and everyone will be more aware of the good the seeds packs have done. They'll be happy to share.

We're all good people here. People trade with those they know best. We just have to go to them and get to know them. You've already done that with the Pig Swamp. People who aren't newbies are bidding on the auctions. Look at Pereniallyme. She helped me with the iris trade and she wasn't a newbie. Jarodsmom is bidding on Mechelle's auction and she's not a newbie.

I always find the internet to be a challenge when it come to delicate negotiations. Hard to get exactly what you mean across in just the right way. I think lots of people find this to be true and compensate. QUIT WORRYING. :)

Montrose, AR(Zone 8a)

lol yeah QUIT worrying.. were gonna be fine.... We are the best

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

Found it!

Hi There K2

We've expanded. Like our new home? We have a greenhouse with a waterfall spa and a tropical pool. Drinks on the house.

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

Did any of you guys read the thread of a yanky pass along giving a box of plants to someone and what happened there? I wasn't involved but sure read the complaining and whinning and remember it all too well how she got so hurt over doing such sweet thing. Those were older members, too.
Edited to say, I never did find the pool. Where are you hiding it?
Glad you found it Loca. I had trouble too, but I guess we'll all get use to it soon. I got to go find the pool and cool off.

This message was edited Sep 12, 2009 9:20 PM

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

We're nationwide folks!

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

What you mean? AM I in trouble now. AM I going to need to go find Arejay to help me get out of trouble(or as she says IN TROUBLE)

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

No friend - I just mean we get around - lol. Well, you know what I mean . . .

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

OH yes, we moved up in style. We got the pool now and so nice. Mojito ????

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9a)

Don't mind if I do! Thanks!

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh, nobody told me we were flying first class. cozy...

Fair Play, SC(Zone 7b)

INSTANT ----IN AND OUT. SWIMMING POOL and mojitos, what more could we want?

Washington, IN(Zone 6a)

mekos I was involved in the yankee pass along. All of that happened after I got and sent mine out. I was reading it too . That was such a shame. It was a nice thing that was going on. Got so many nice plants from it.

Hi Flower

Still trying to find my way around. Here's the link to the chit chat:

Old thread Lost in the Shuffle?! Here's the challenge for this week.

The Keeper of the Elder Scrolls must know all the children of the Goddess:

Name the hybridizers of the following cultivars:

1. B. Wretched Mess
2. B. Lovely Lady
3. B. Cupids' Blush
4. B. Rhapsody
5. B. Mon Amour de Mareuil

Hollyhock has submitted her 'application' and it has been noted. LOL

Florence, KY(Zone 6a)

Ok. I took the camera out today and took pictures of the yellow, tall, daisy-like flowers blooming in the ditches in Northern KY right now. Anybody know what this is? I'd like to plant some in my yard and need to know how to harvest the seeds or whatever I need to do to get them.

Thumbnail by LollyJean
Florence, KY(Zone 6a)

Here's another picture

Thumbnail by LollyJean

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