To prune big Mango trees

Christiansted, VI(Zone 11)

My three trees that some fool planted all around close to the house, over the deck, the driveway, and the back of the house/roof, are just about finished with fruiting for the year. Is now the time to chop? They are just too tall, dropping what they drop all over the roof, and in cistern-land that's a big no-no. I have to crawl up on the roof nearly daily sometimes to free up the gutters and downspouts. Thankfully the roof is not steep at all.

So, does anyone have experience doing major pruning? Poor trees! Some limbs/multiple trunks that will go are six and eight inched thick. If cut just above a (good) drooping limb, will that limb take over? I guess I'll have to contract the pruner guy to come whack off suckers... It's very dry this year, so that should be a lesser problem.

In the photo, this tree, the deck overhanger, is coming down to about half, ouch! It'll still drop junk all over the deck, but I love mango!

Thumbnail by Molamola
Keaau, HI

Right after the fruiting season is a good time to trim Mango trees.

The tree in the photo could have 2/3 of the crown removed.

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