Directv dvr receivers

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

I think my Directv dvr r10 receiver is maybe broken-it is frozen in the "powering up" stage. I bought this model when Tivo was with Directv, but apparently they aren't for the latest models and they have all gotten horrible reviews by just about everyone. I am talking about the R15,16 and even higher, I think. Has anybody got anything good to say about their Directv recievers that are newer than the R10? I am seriously thinking about buying a used R10 just to avoid problems-but it is scary to me to buy a receiver that is used. Thanks in advance for any comments/opinions

Covington, LA(Zone 8b)

If you do a search for the DTV dvr currently used, there are places to buy them. I like mine a lot. I got it for free for subscribing to the HD programing. I want to buy another dvr for another room. How does
dtv charge for services for a box that you purchased yourself?

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