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Burmuda Grass in the Flower Garden

Altus, OK(Zone 7a)

Just had an idea for my problem flower garden and wanted to see if anyone had tried this before and whether it helped.

I have one flower garden that has burmuda grass in it and I'm fighting the battle but it does get OLD. Here is what I thought of trying. Once I clear out as much of the pesky stuff as possible would it help to lay newspapers around the plants and then put the mulch back on top? Would that help kill the grass off since it can't get sun and etc or will it just look for a gap and push its way through?

Anyone try this?

Roundup is my next option. But I don't want to hurt my plants.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Bermuda is pretty aggressive, I expect it'll find a way to still pop up. Also, if you've got a nearby lawn full of it, it'll keep creeping in so you'll have to do some regular maintenance to keep it out. Unless your plants are spaced out well enough that you can easily hit the Bermuda but not the plants you want, I'd suggest trying something other than Roundup. There are herbicides that will specifically kill grass (including Bermuda) but won't hurt non-grass plants. The one I use is called Green Light Grass Out, and I know Ortho makes a product with the same active (and a fairly similar name). The one thing to be aware of is that it does take a little while to work--you spray it on and then a week or two later right about the time you give up and think it isn't going to work, then all of a sudden you'll see the grass starting to turn brown. So be patient!

Altus, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks. I'll try those products. I appreciate you sharing your success story.

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