Bananas - Grand Nain!!

Killeen, TX(Zone 8a)

I've just bought myself 3 Grand Nain banana plants!(from Lakesidecalla here on Dave's garden!)
So excited to have these lovelies & wanted to start a thread to share their progress with everyone!
Sharing any tips or hints or comments are Welcome!
Thanks! ~Cheryl

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Fresno, CA(Zone 9a)

good for you Im sure you will like your new babies . Are you going to plant them outside ? I have lots of bananas not those kind. Im new to bananas myself. I belong to its a great group and im learning allot there. Good luck with your new bananas

Killeen, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks CherokeeGreg!
I will probably put them in the ground after any danger of frost passes in the Spring.
Hope your bananas are doing well, lucky you being in Zone 9!!!
:) ~Cheryl

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Emerald Isle, NC

like you I bought four diferent bana plants from lakeeside callas all arived in great shape but als need feedback trying to grow thes in zone 8 Dwarf cavendish,Musella lariccalpa,musa high colur mini cavendish, musa gran naim,if you pick up any good threads on these plants please d mail me hoitider

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